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How Strong Can Steroids Make You?

The text that is about to follow has not been written by a delusional permabulker. Sorry. Some lifters downplay the role of muscle drugs so much that ignorant people start wondering whether a baby Aspirin could produce steroids like results. As you may be able to guess, most of the time those lifters are nothing […]

Do You Need a Belt To Deadlift Safely?

Back in the day many of the so-called strength training novices started using weightlifting belts during squats and deadlifts under the influence of Mark Rippetoe and his puppies that later on branched out and developed the 70sbig fetish. According to those individuals the weightlifting belt gives you ”an anchor to push against with your abs” during […]

Can You Build a Big Back Without Deadlifts and Pull-ups?

The answer to this is question is simple: “Yes, dummy. You can build a bigger back without ever doing deadlifts or pull-ups.” There may be things in life that are mandatory, but doing deadlifts and pull-ups isn’t one of them. The industry, which is supported by corrupt media spreading politically correct information, has convinced many […]

Did Steroids Completely Replace Hard Work In The Gym?

I’ve had many breaks from training due to motivation drops. The first major episode took place when I got sick of the squat or die mentality installed deep into my brain. However, a few months passed and the accumulation of barbell nostalgia made me want to train again. Once my front foot was on gym […]