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5 Cruel Ways Natural Bodybuilders Torture Themselves

Pressured by a desire to acquire, naturals submerge in the muscle game with a heavy enthusiasm that makes the hard seem easy and the impossible possible. Like a temp working all night accompanied only by the indifferent photons emerging from the dusty lamp in the office, the natties of this world spend their days and […]

The Unjustified Fear of Losing Muscle during Dieting

The fear of losing muscle is a common phenomenon among bodybuilders, fitness models and recreational lifters. Everybody is afraid that a few hours without protein or some form of amino acids in your system can cause initiation of catabolic processes a.k.a. muscle loss. This can result in incredible anxiety causing muscle worshippers to panic and […]

Things We Can Learn From Arnold About Building Muscle

When you talk to your grandmother about bodybuilding, even she thinks of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was the guy who made the muscle flexing festival popular. In most countries, his name is a symbol of big biceps and massive pecs. He had a superior structure, and some even argue that he destroys the modern gutbuilding pros despite being 50lbs […]