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5 Reasons Why Squats Are Stopping You from Getting BIG Arms

The bar was loaded. My back was covered in chalk. The belt was squeezing my waist like a pair of pliers. A rhythm that could make a dead heart beat again, and a guitar escorting your soul to the place where deities live, were coming out of my headphones. I got under the bar – […]

The Myth About The Jacked Prisoners

For some reason people believe that going to prison can turn anybody into a muscle man. There are plenty of Hollywood movies showing jacked up prisoners train in the yard. If you pay a little attention, you will see that in most of the movies prisoners are quite big and have impressive physiques that will […]

10 Hard Truths About Bodybuilding

1.You can’t be big and shredded as a natural bodybuilder. As a natural bodybuilder, you are limited. You cannot have the mass and conditioning of guys like Kali Muscle by just “eating and training right”. It’s not going to happen no matter what kind of routine you follow. It’s all a scam. 2.Supplements are a […]