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Are Fitness Models On Steroids Living The Ultimate YOLO Life?

A reader asked me: Do you think the fitness models are as happy as they look in videos? I couldn’t find a definite answer to this question without waking up the schizo in me. The first personality was a supporter of modern fitness models and said: The trendy fitness models enjoy lifestyles much greater than […]

Is Greg O’Gallagher a.k.a. Kinobody a Natural Bodybuilder Or a Steroid User?

Not long ago, a reader asked me to make a classic natty or not review of a bodybuilder/lifter/philosopher/swag boy under the name of Greg O’Gallagher a.k.a. Kinobody. I knew who that man was because I’ve been in this online muscle game for a long time. However, I didn’t know the details. Therefore, I had to investigate a bit. The first […]

Is Nick Cheadle Natural Or On Steroids?

It’s time for another classic nattyornot.com review. As usual, it’s inspired by a request from a reader. I was asked whether a guy known as Nick Cheadle is natty or not. Let’s see. What are the stats of Nick Cheadle? According to the website simplyshredded.com Nick Cheadle has the following body stats: Bodyweight: 209 lbs […]

Vegan Gains – Natural Vegan Bodybuilder Or a Steroid User?

”Vegan Gains” is the name of a popular YouTube channel promoting plant eating as the best investment you can make for the betterment of your health and conscience. Since the guy behind the videos has a pretty decent physique and likes to participate in as much YouTube battles as possible, he has attracted the attention of many people […]