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Squat, Bench, Deadlift: How Often Should You Do Them?

After posting the guide How To Get Your Deadlift From 95lbs to 405lbs, I received a couple of e-mails from┬áreaders who want to know how often a natural lifter should squat, bench press and deadlift. Here’s my take on the subject. THE SQUAT Out of the ”big three”, the back squat can be trained the […]

Changing Your Routines Leads To More Muscle Growth?

Bodybuilding addicts are willing to do almost anything in order to gain a few ounces of muscle. There are no limits in front of a man starving for muscle growth. People read all kinds of magazines, crazy stories from their friends about some other friends who got real buff doing X, watch online videos…etc. It […]

Why Most Bodybuilding Training Programs Fail Miserably

The amount of bodybuilding and general strength routines seems to be approaching 2.5 billions. The estimations is that the number will reach 3 millions in the near future. The more, the better? Hell, no! Most bodybuilding training programs fail miserably for one very simple reason: they offer unrealistic results and have only one goal in […]

Balancing Bodybuilding And A Physical Job

One of the biggest obstacles that stop people from engaging in bodybuilding activities is the required commitment. You have to go to the gym a few times a week and your diet has to reflect your goals. How do you do that when you are working as a construction worker? 1.It’s going to be hard. […]

Biggest Bodybuilding Lies Exposed

1.You will get really big when you start training and eating properly. No matter what routine you use and what kind of protein powder you put in your body – you’ll never get as big as the dudes you see on sites like T-Nation and on the cover of Flex Magazine without using tons of […]

How To Choose a Bodybuilding Routine – Beginner’s Guide

Here’s a guide that will help you cut through the disinformation and false claims when choosing a bodybuilding plan. 1.Who’s the source? The author of the program is very important because everyone has an agenda. For example, if you follow a routine written by T-Nation‘s employees, you will be advised to buy a lot of […]