Strength Training For Women – Don’t Be Scared Of Barbells

Most women have been brainwashed into believing that strength training is dangerous and preserved for males. That’s why there are so many cardio bunnies in the commercial gyms. Women go from one cardio machine to another and while cardio is not bad in itself, there’s much more to muscle training.

Strength Training For Women - Don't Be Scared Of Barbells

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Women may be weaker than some men but the human body operates only one way as far the muscular skeletal system is concerned.

Number one reason why women fear strength training is because they’ve watched too many Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, and have been conned into believing that picking anything heavier than a bottle of water will make them look like a heavyweight female wrestler.

This is not true and women can really benefit from strength training. There’s nothing to fear and the results are well worth it.

You will learn your body…

The best thing about strength training is that your body will learn or should we say recall how to do properly basic tasks such as lifting heavy weights off the ground. Knowing how the body is supposed to operate under heavy load will safe you from everyday injuries and frustration. You will learn how powerful your body is and how much stronger you will be when you assume the proper position and respect the basic bio-mechanics found in humans.

You will build muscle…

Don’t be scared of building muscle mass. First, it’s hard and second – you will never look like a female bodybuilder unless you take steroids. In fact, as a natural female bodybuilder you will look awesome. If your diet is in check, the skinny fat look will soon be a distant memory.

You will improve your posture…

Most females tend to have bulky legs and fragile upper body. As a result your posture and self-esteem suffer. Upper body strength training will build your chest and back musculature. This will improve your posture and confidence.

You will save time…

It’s time to stop spending all that money on gym memberships. There’s no need to go to gym every day because Jennifer Lopez or some other celebrity said she does so in a ghost written article. You will lose weight through diet and strength training faster than if you were to rely solely on cardio.

Don’t be scared of barbells…

Just like men women should focus on basic exercises such as squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, push-ups…

Break the cycle. Stop being a cardio bunny.

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