Street Workouts Do Not Make You Natty

There is a common misconception that the guys doing calisthenics are natural by default. People have been mislead into believing that bodyweight exercise are “pure” and everybody training on them monkey bars is also a natural bodybuilder. This is, however, not the case. Not even close. There are drugs used in the streets. Street workouts are not “clean”.

Street Workouts And Steroids!

Kali Muscle is on steroids, insulin and GH.

Why would “bodyweight guys” be natural? Bodyweight training is highly effective and you can really build muscle with it. That does not mean that anybody who is doing pull-ups in the park is natural. There are a lot of “bar stars” who are using anabolic steroids. The whole street workout epidemic is just another spin on that fitness game. It’s another way to make money in the industry. Another way to profit on the back of the ignorant noobs who think they can get the arms of Phil Heath naturally.

The bar athletes also promote supplements such as protein and creatine. They also sell T-shirts, backpacks, weight vests and other merchandise. In other words, it’s still a business. And when something’s a business, there’s competition. When there’s competition, people are willing to fight dirty. supports bodyweight exercises. We believe you can build a pretty decent physique through push-ups, dips, sprints…etc. However, you can’t have the Photoshop physiques of the famous bar athletes on YouTube without gear.

You don’t have to be as big as Ronnie Coleman in order to be a steroid user. There are people who weight 135 lbs and are on steroids. Drugs give you strength, quality mass, conditioning and hardness that are hard to replicate naturally. Many popular athletes who promote street workouts look ready to step on bodybuilding stage, at least upper body wise.

Do you really thing there’s something THAT special about training on monkey bars?

It’s effective, but not THAT effective. The next time someone as big as a bodybuilder tells you he got huge from doing street workouts, ask him about his dealer.

Note: Even bodybuilders as big as Kali Muscle claim they are natural and do their muscle-ups.

Do you really believe all that?

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