Stories From The Gym: The First Time I Saw a Real Steroid User

This story dates back to my days of a regular skinny boy, serving a sentence in a dirty basement gym, and on the road to becoming a permabulker. The place where I was training at the time was total trash, but it gave me the chance to witness some rather interesting, grotesque and yet informative events, which shaped my future as a lifter. Sooner or later everybody experiences a truth moment when reality is at the door holding a heavy hammer. This was one of those moments for me.

image source:; {P.S. That's not him.}

image source:;
{P.S. That’s not him.}

I remember the first time I saw a guy that was an obvious steroid steroid user. I was doing something stupid, like seated calf raises, when this muscle monster entered the gym. He was not a professional bodybuilder by any means, but what hit me was the quality of his physique. That’s the first time I saw the Photoshop look with my own eyes.

{Damn, this is already sounding like a porn movie.}

The guy was totally metrosexual – tan, kinky hair style, shaved, ankle socks – the total package.

At the time I though almost everything was possible naturally, but that look was too incredible even for my naive brain to handle. “Steroids” was the first word that formed in my head when I saw this real life Rambo.

Captivated by the muscle magic in the air, I took special notice of the supplements this muscle gansgta ordered at the protein bar, which at this trash place looked more like a pub from a Western movie . He took a pre-workout and a protein powder. The mixture looked green, like the Hulk. {lol}

There is also no doubt that he got the attention of everybody in the gym. People were staring. The physique of that guy was tight and on point.

{Damn, this is really sounding like a porn movie. Sorry}

A few months passed before I had a chance to see this muscle monster once again. This time he appeared to be on a steroid break. He didn’t have that out of this world look and was even weaker than before. He did something like 200 lbs close grip bench press, which for his size was rather unimpressive. He also did squats with weight under 300 lbs. At that time I was already a permabulker fatso, planning to break a deadlift record naturally sometime in the future, hopefully next year. Ironic, isn’t it?

I thought the guy was weak sauce to say the least. All show, no go. I was walking around him with a sense of superiority, adding plates after plates to my deadlift bar right next to the squat rack.

Thanks to karma or whatever, I trained with that guy many times afterwards. He even tried to teach me proper form dumbbell rows. Apparently, I was “cheating”. Fucking moron. The boy was really annoying, and he was always saying: “I don’t take anything. Just protein powder.”

Listening to this him was painful after a few sentences. Between sets he would gather with some gym rats and talk about his sexual accomplishments. Below is a short sample dialogue:

“So, brahs…Yesterday, I was with this girl and I was just about to unload my precious genes in her m****, when I got a sick cramp in my upper leg”. {laughs}

“Sick bro.” {the other brahs laugh too}

To make the matter even worse, at one point he got an eagle tattoo on his back and the wings were covering his whole lats.

“He is about to fly.” {were saying many unhappy low-lives/wannabes in the gym – me included}

It appears that this ghetto muscle thug had that Lee Priest/Rich Piana syndrome, which consists in the inability to realize that adding more and more ugly tattoos to your body is not exactly pretty nor stylish.

In addition, the guy was loaded with money, especially for his age (20 something). He was working in some sort of a TV station as a news host.

Apparently, the man was living the life – bitches, money, muscle. I think he even had some sort of advanced education, masters.

However, he was also a good example of how insecure bodybuilders are. I was able to feel it in his voice, and I was a nobody there. At least 50% of the people training in the dungeon looked down on me. His body language was full of apparent fear from the outside world. I guess you can have it all and still lack confidence.

Well, nobody’s perfect.

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