What Were Steve Reeves’ Measurements?

Steve Reeves is still one of the most popular bodybuilders in the world. He had a classic physique and a great movie career. Many people consider him the king of aesthetics and aspire to acquire a similar physical development.

According to the information in the public domain, the measurements of Reeves were:

via: http://www.briansdriveintheater.com/


Chest 52″

Thighs 26″

Arms 18.5″

Neck 18.5″

Calves 18.5″

Waist 29″

Height: 6′ 1″

Weight: 215

Are those measurements real?

Bodybuilders and their promoters like to speculate. Unless you personally know the bodybuilder in question, never trust the information in magazines fully. The measurements, as well as the strength numbers, are often fabricated by the ghost writers.

The two most suspicious measurements of Steve Reeves are his arms and chest. He had a great pectoral development, and yet a 52-inch chest seems a bit far fetched.

Mostly likely the measurements were taken after a pump workout.

Was Steve Reeves a natural bodybuilder?

Reeves may have experimented with early forms of testosterone-based anabolic steroids. More on the topic can be found in this article.

Why would Steve Reeves boost his measurements?

Mainly for marketing purposes. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arms were promoted as 22-inch monsters even though they were only 19 and a half with a pump. Bigger numbers attract the crowd and please the ego. That’s why the bodybuilding promoters used to play with numbers to deceive the unaware crowd.

Can I have the same measurement naturally? 

It’s possible to reach some of those measurements naturally if you have good genetics, but it’s highly unlikely that you will have them all.

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