Do Steroids Really Make Everything So Much Easier?

A lot of people seem to attribute absolutely magical properties to anabolic steroids. Is this really true, however, and are anabolics as effective as we make them to be?

Do steroids really make everything so much easier?

The answer is: ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ {it’s not what it looks like}


1.Steroids help tremendously with gaining muscle mass.

Kali Muscle got so big not because he was in prison, but because he had access to steroids and all kinds other drugs...

Kali Muscle got so big not because he was in prison, but because he had access to steroids and all kinds other drugs…

In this post we have presented to you how effective are anabolic steroids when it comes building mass. People who don’t train but take steroids get bigger than naturals who do train. This seems to be quite effective, don’t you agree?

2.Steroids help you maintain muscle mass on a cut.

The body does not give a F* about your bodybuilding goals. It just wants to survive another day. That’s why when you go on a cut you also lose muscle. You just can’t afford to drive a Ferrari when you can’t buy the gas. Steroids fix that problem and help tremendously during dieting.

3.Steroids can cover for a bad diet.

Steroids turn you into a muscle building monster and increase your metabolism. Also there are a lot of drugs that even help you get leaner while eating not 100% clean foods. For more information read this post where we expose bodybuilder’s addiction to junk food.

4.Steroids help you recover faster and train harder.

Steroids help with recovery tremendously and people can train more often which facilitates progress and improves your lifting skills.


1.Steroids are expensive and people rely on cheap copies.

Quality steroids are really expensive and most people don’t have access to it. That’s why they rely on cheap stuff bought from shady people on the Internet. This is wrong and usually the quality of the products is very poor which makes the usage even more dangerous. That’s why having a good dealer is more important for a bodybuilder than having a good coach.

2.Steroids can damage your health.

The usage of anabolic steroids comes with a lot of negative side effects. Some are minor like gynecomastia while in severe cases you may suffer kidney, heart or liver failure and die as a result. Regardless of how experienced you are, nobody is 100% immune to similar consequences.

3.Steroids are addictive.

Once you are used to being the ‘big guy’ there’s no coming back. That’s because now you have a new personality and breaking away seems like committing a suicide. The more you identify yourself with the physical domain and your big muscles, the deeper in the whole you go.

4.Steroids make you dependent.

Once you have accepted steroids as an important part of your life, you become dependent. You have constantly check your blood, spend money, deal with dealers, risk breaking the wall/law and going to prison. It’s a sacrifice that not everybody is willing to make.

In the end of the day nature finds a way to balance things out. As mortals we can’t cheat the universe and when we do try it always comes back to hit us with it’s powerful fist.

You gain some, you lose some.

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