Steroids Are Not Just The Finishing Touch

Anabolic steroids have been part of bodybuilding since the very beginning of the sport. Testosterone was already available in the 1930s and even Adolf Hitler used it.

Bodybuilding is a sport entirely depending on steroids. The magic muscle elixirs were used even by the early legends – Steve Reeves, Regg Park, Larry Scott and many more to count.

Steroids are not just the finishing touch.The most common trend among bodybuilders is to downsize the importance of anabolic steroids. They want the general public to believe that drugs are a small part of professional bodybuilding – “just the finishing touch”.

This is not true for one incredibly simple reason – most bodybuilders look terribly after they stop using steroids. There are many examples of bodybuilders who have lost all of their muscle mass once they’ve stopped using gear. Good examples would be Kevin Levrone, Mustafa Mohammad and Tom Prince. Their “detransformation” makes the effectiveness of steroids apparent, to say the least.

Anabolic steroids are very effective for building muscle mass because they increase your testosterone levels tremendously. It’s not uncommon for modern IFBB bodybuilders to use over 3 grams of testosterone to maintain their physiques. This is hundreds of times more than the natural testosterone produced by the average man. Despite all of that professional bodybuilders are always avoiding the issue of steroids, especially in public. They will never admit, sometimes not even to their families, that they are essentially steroids addicts. Bodybuilders continue to deny steroid usage in order to protect their contracts with supplement companies. After all, bodybuilding has been dependent on politics since the very beginning.

A quick look at the female bodybuilders who look like transsexuals reveals that steroids can turn almost anybody into a muscle monster. Most women who compete in bodybuilding not only look like men – hard and dry – but they are also bigger and more muscular than the average male in the gym. If steroids were “just the finishing touch”, why are they turning women into men. Labeling something that powerful as “just the finishing touch” is a false and blind statement.

Bodybuilders will forever downplay the role of anabolic steroids in order to make you believe that you can have the physique of guys like CT Fletcher or Kali Muscle naturally, if your were to just buy some protein and creatine. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t expect any bodybuilder to come out and publicly state that steroids are the reason for the mass monsters we see today. It won’t be considered politically correct. He will lose his sponsors and the whole industry which is built around that lie will slowly collapse. Who would want that?

The saddest thing is that many of the steroid using bodybuilders actually believe that steroids are “just the finishing touch”. They’ve successfully convinced themselves that their stupid diets and light pumping in the gym are the reason for their growth and physiques. Well, it’s not the case and the engine of the sport has always been the needle.

Today we have “natural” bodybuilders who are as heavy as the bodybuilders from the 1970s when steroids were legal. How do you think that happened? By accident? Or maybe thanks to the bro science nutritional and training tips that float around? No! They’ve just upped the dose and added insulin, growth hormone (GH) and IGF-1 to the mix. Bodybuilders from the past used mostly anabolic steroids. Today, there are guys like Phil Heath who weight 260 lbs while being four inches shorter than Arnold Schwarzenegger who competed at 235 lbs. That extra mass is due to insulin, GH and IGF-1.

Steroids are NOT just the finishing touch. PERIOD.

*IGF-1 – IGF-1 stands for Insulin Like Growth Factor 1. It is named such that it resembles insulin. IGF-1 is made up of 70 bonded amino acids.  This makes it a protein-peptide hormone. It is similar to growth hormone which, if broken down in digestion may be rendered useless.

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  1. Vinner

    Man you shattered my dreams!

    And i thought Lazar and co were natty!

    How will I live now, Even Rambo was on juice!

    Keep up the heart breaking work! Thanks to you i have learned a lesson. I won’t trust so easily again.

  2. Gladiator

    Over three grams? Holy Smoke!

    I had heard that Arnie used a gram but three grams by the current crop of fake champions?

    Mind Blowing and Mind Boggling.

    I have been working out for more than 50 years and at present I cannot even bench press my own body weight which is 160. People tell me that I look way younger than my age which most refuse to believe unless I show them some kind of ID. Hard work pays in terms of health benefits but if you want to grow BIG, any amount/type of workouts will not get you there. I may not have been blessed with good genetics but when we talk of GRAMS, genetics just fly out through the window.

    Keep up the good work bro, you are doing a huge service to humanity.

    Thank you.

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