How Do Bodybuilders Using Steroids Pass Drug Tests? There is a big difference between passing a drug test and being clean. Wait! What?

Many fake natural bodybuilders try to prove their “clean” status on the bases of drug testing. This would be fine if drug testing wasn’t so easy to manipulate, especially in the world of bodybuilding. The fact that a bodybuilder was able to pass a drug test does not always mean that he is natural. There is a big difference between passing a drug test and actually being completely drug free.


Bodybuilders rely on various methods to pass a test and below we’re going to analyze the majority of the possible scenarios.

1. Stop Using Prior To A Competition

This method is self explanatory – you stop taking detectable drugs a few weeks prior to your competition. That way the body clean itself on its own and you are able to pass the test. However, this method is extremely hard to be successful, if you are taking a combination of a lot of drugs. There are also steroids that will require more than 12 months to completely become traceless. A popular example would be Deca which can technically be detected years after the lifter has stop using. Similar testing, however, costs a lot and we all know that bodybuilding federations are not exactly the richest ones.

Another problem that makes this method really hard to work for bodybuilders is that prior to shows the competitors are known to actually up the dose, in order to preserve their precious muscle mass during the final dieting phase. Anabolic steroids help with that and you get to be full and shredded while being on a caloric deficit. That’s why this method is more popular among other sports as well as when testing for drugs at work.

2. Buying Powdered Urine Kits


There are different urine kits that allow you to prepare a clean urine sample and swap it with your dirty one when you are tested. That only works if you are not supervised when providing the sample. Truth be told, that happens quite often. That’s why similar powdered urine kits are largely used by bodybuilders as well as regular people who are tested at work for marijuana or something else.

Another method involves the help of a buddy who provides you with a sample of his precious and clean urine. However, not everybody has such trusty and loving friends. Bodybuilders want to hide the fact that they’re not natural from everybody – even from those who are the closest to them.

3. Buy a Fake Plastic Penis

One of the most extreme methods to cheat a drug test is to use a fake plastic penis. There are specialized penis kits that come with a plastic body, syringe and other materials you need to attach the fake penis to you. This method could only work, if the supervisor is not really paying the needed attention. A fake penis is extremely easy to spot.

Since sometimes bodybuilders have to provide their precious urine while wearing posing shorts a.k.a. thongs this method is rarely used by competitors, although people have tried it.

4. Placing Clean Urine in Your Bladder Using a Catheter

This method is rather dangerous and requires you to insert a catheter into your bladder to load clean urine. This method is used by both – females and males. This is a more sophisticated approach  since you are not relying on fake body parts and poor supervision. However, it’s  extremely dangerous, painful and can cause serious infections.

Even people who are in hospitals and have professional taking care of them are known to suffer infections from use of a catheter. As they say: Don’t try this at home!

5. Using Turkey Blaster And Saline Solution To Pass A Marijuana Test

Some people would use this extremely painful method to clean their urine from  THC metabolites (ingredient common in marijuana). This method got even more popular when it was presented in the movie Harsh Times.

In the above clip Jim (Christian Bale) is essentially inserting saline solution through his urethra and into his bladder.

6. Properly Timed Blood Transfusion

This method requires the bodybuilder to ‘donate’ some blood months prior to a competition. The blood is cleaned from all traces of steroids and a week or two before a contest it’s transfused back. That way the lifter has higher chances of passing a blood test which, however, is a rare test in the world of bodybuilding.

7. Using Drug Masking Agents

There are drug masking agents that can prevent some banned substances from showing during tests. An example of masking agents would be diuretics which work by enhancing water loss via urine excretion and thus diluting the urine, which results in lower levels of the banned substance being excreted from the body making it more difficult for laboratories to detect. However, sometimes the doping control also tests for masking agents. In this case the method doesn’t work.

8. Using Beta Blockers To Pass The Polygraph Test

Some federations require the lifters to pass through a polygraph a.k.a. lie detector. The idea is to double check the ‘honesty’ of the lifter. Most of the time the polygraph test is a complete farce and is rarely done professionally since it’s expensive and takes a lot of time. On top of everything quite often the promoter of a given bodybuilding show will allow even those who have failed the polygraph to compete, and later on if any of the failed guys takes a prize, he will be subject to urine testing.

In order to be less nervous during the polygraph testing some bodybuilders take beta blockers which are essentially drugs that calm you down. Musicians use them prior to big live events.

To top it all off, you can actually fail a polygraph even if you are telling the truth and nothing but the truth.

9. Testing For Growth Hormone, Insulin and IGF-1 is Almost Non-existent

For a very long time it was rather hard to catch someone abusing human growth hormone (HGH). Over the last few years that has changed somewhat but still HGH represents one of the drugs that are the easiest to hide from an anti-doping crew – especially in the world of bodybuilding.

HGH remains undetectable by urine testing, although scientists claim to be working on it. Blood tests for HGH have been done since 2004 but similar testing is only performed at the highest level (the Olympics). People would rarely get busted for HGH. It’s not unheard of but it’s rare.

At the same time drugs like insulin are virtually impossible to detect. Insulin disappears very fast after administration. Besides, if bodybuilders were to get caught abusing insulin, they can always claim that they’re diabetics {which may actually be true – some bodybuilders can even suffer from diabetes due to insulin abuse}.

Insulin or simply ‘slin’ is the drug that created the modern bodybuilding look. The difference between Arnold and Phil Heath is called insulin, NOT HARD WORK!

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Who is going to pay for all that testing?

As you probably know bodybuilders don’t make that much money and even the top guys who compete in Mr. Olympia are not going home with noticeable checks. Smaller bodybuilding shows have even smaller budgets. This makes effective testing super hard. A single complete test costs a couple hundred dollars or even more. If you were to perform drug testing of all competitors as well as random drug testing throughout the year, you would have to be making a lot of money from the show and the fees to participate will have to be super high. This makes it extremely hard to organize bodybuilding shows that offer both – high profits and effective drug testing. Consequently, only a few guys (usually the winners) are tested.

The IFBB Doesn’t Test For Steroids

It should not be a surprise to you that the IFBB is not doing any testing. Everybody knows very well that all bodybuilders who compete in Mr. Olympia are loaded and have been taking grams and grams of steroids for years. However, if there was effective testing bodybuilding would have to go 100 years back when steroids were not used. Obviously, since there are millions at stake nobody cares to do introduce serious drug testing.

The same stays true for other sports. Events that happen behind the curtains decide who’s going to be tested. It’s not uncommon for champions to not even be subject to doping control. It truly depends on what the political lobby says. As with anything in life there are two sides of the story – one that you give the public to chew on and another one which is the actual truth.


  1. Jeremiah Herron

    Thanks for the info! I hope to one day soon compete in IFBB Pro! I am a young 20 years old and have been lifting for some years now because of my prior participation in sports (about 8). Now my eyes are set on bodybuilding and I have already got my first anabolic cycle organized (just going to be 10 weeks of Test C 500mg/week with an anti-e and then PCT for 4 weeks! ) only downfall is that right now I’m dealing with some pain in my right pectoral tendon so I’m about to start rehab for that and can’t train until this is taken care of. Do you know of any anabolic steroids that heal tendon, muscle, and/or joint pain?

  2. ihor kwit

    tendons and ligaments are relatively avascular and can not keep up with the strength gains muscles make from drug use.they will always be the weak link and prone to injury.

  3. ihor kwit

    as a former bodybuilder it pains me to hear how casual drug abuse has become and how excited you are to wreak havoc on the only body that you have.choose health over well

  4. ihor kwit

    ben and joe weider can stop the drug insanity in their organization in a heartbeat but they chose to betray all their early teachings for the almighty dollar that is earned by these freak one wants to watch a freak such bodybuilding will never be in the is not a sport. steve reeves of the fifties wrote an open letter to arnold stating that arnold could reverse the trend by making the arnold classic a natural contest. reeves passed away and there is no evidence that arnold responded.i wish you well

  5. Dexter

    Guys in the Olympia don’t go home with noticeable checks? 400k for winning a single competition isn’t noticeable?

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