Are Steroid Users Really Cheaters? You can cheat man kind, but you can't cheat nature.

Most people come to this site in order to find out whether their role models are truly drug free bodybuilders. Beginners experience a state of shock after they discover the bitter truth about fitness and bodybuilding – people are using steroids.

Are Steroid Users Really Cheaters?

But are steroids users really cheaters? Are they working as hard as true naturals?

1.Steroid users are cheaters.

You can think what you want, but the truth is still the truth – steroids can help you build some serious muscle mass.

A quick look at a female bodybuilder reveals that anabolic steroids can turn just about anybody into a walking muscle tank. Most female bodybuidlers are bigger than the majority of males in the gym.

That’s how effective steroid supplementation is. This should not be a surprise since steroid users take grams and grams of gear. It’s not unlikely for a professional bodybuilder competing at the highest level, Mr.Olympia, to be taking enough drugs that would kill one or two horses.

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Most of the big guys in the magazines and on YouTube are on steroids. Surprisingly or not, you don’t have to be 250 lbs to be a heavy steroid user. There are 150 lbs weightlifters competing in the Olympics who are on a lot of gear too.

Regardless of that, most steroid users will tell you that their success is largely due to proper nutrition and training. They do so because in this world you have to be politically correct, if you want to make the big buck or even the small buck for that matter. They are risking not only sponsorship losses, but also prison time if steroid usage was to be revealed.

Muscle worshipers see those guys transform into muscular machines without really doing anything special that a regular Joe isn’t doing in the gym. In that regard steroid users are cheaters because they deceive the public and basically make money on the base of many lies. They carefully hide their secret weapon while pushing and selling fake machinery.

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2.Steroid users are NOT cheaters.

While the above holds true, steroids users are also NOT cheaters. Why? Because they still have to work hard for their physiques and they fail to cheat nature.

A steroid user grows no matter what routine is used, but there are many problems outside of the gym that you don’t see.

Steroid users often experience side effects such as testicular atrophy, baldness, fertility problems and many more. They also have to be very well educated on the subject of steroids in order not to make a mistake and kill themselves. Believe it or not – that’s hard work.

Many people believe that steroids are a magic wonder drug that doesn’t require sacrifices and everything’s handed to you. This is not true and many steroid users become some sort of drug gurus with extended knowledge on the subject.

There are the so-called preparation coaches who are paid a lot of money and that’s not by accident reason – the subject of steroids is vast, dangerous and complicated. So, in a way steroid users pay the price.

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As a steroid addict you may be able to cheat the public and even your family, but you won’t be able to cheat nature. You are paying the price no matter what. The good things you are going to get will also come with bad things, because no matter what happens nature always finds a way to balance things out, and sometimes this requires a blood bath.

Many steroid users experience organ failure, bankruptcy and other unpleasant issues. In this life you can only cheat yourself and other people – nature law doesn’t care. It’s omnipresent and unbreakable by man..

On top of everything steroid users are forced to have an alter ego and put on fake smiles when talking about training. They are not allowed to tell the truth. Depending on your character that can be particularly hard to recover from.

Should you hate on steroid users?

In general, we don’t recommend that you hate a lot on steroid users because they are human beings like you, and everybody has issues. There are no perfect people and we are all here trying to learn something. You have to understand that even steroid users have hard lives and many problems to deal with even though they look like Greek Gods.

However, we all deserve to know the truth about bodybuilding and that’s why sites like this exist.

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  1. Priyadarshan Gajbhiye

    Good to see a positive message delivered on this site. The sooner people realize that steroids/drugs are a major part of bodybuilding the better. Then everyone can get on juice without making too much of a hoopla over it. Honestly I don’t really understand the logic of NOT using moderate doses of drugs. Every medical study has shown great results even with moderate doses of legitimate exogenous hormones. Side effects are pretty easy to control at moderate doses (completely different story at the astronomical doses of pros, but anyway very few people have the money or inclination for that).

    Unless you have arbitrary moral line given to you by some people in the government/authorities I don’t see what reason you have to NOT use basic doses of gear.

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