Steroid Addiction And Depression

Bodybuilders have big egos. In fact, one of the biggest. Consequently, they spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. They live to be admired. Approval from others is what they like the most. They want to be seen as unstoppable freaks. This is addictive, and since most of it was achieved with steroids – steroid addiction is developed. A famous saying between bodybuilders is that once you are on, you are on for life.

Steroid Addiction

The steroid addiction is both – physical and emotional. The use of anabolic steroids shuts down the natural testosterone production. The organism ceases to produce testosterone since there is an external source. Once the bodybuilder stops using steroids his hormonal balance is messed up. The testosterone levels are very low. This causes severe depression.

The phenomenon is also known as post steroid cycle depression. You were a God for a certain time, and you are back to normal now. The body needs a lot of time to recover. Sometimes recovery is not even possible. Many IFBB bodybuilders stay on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) for their whole lives.

The other side of the steroid addiction is emotional. It’s still linked to the physical but there are other important factors as well. Bodybuilders are narcissistic. They love themselves. A lot. When people are used to seeing you as the “big guy” what’s left of you after you are not “big” anymore is just “guy”. Who wants to be normal? That’s the motto of all bodybuilders. Many of them think they are Gods on Earth. Sadly, once they stop using steroids they become humans. That’s why it’s so hard to let go of steroids. It’s an addiction that’s really hard to control. Most people fail.

Another negative effect steroids addiction comes with are the financial losses. Most bodybuilders don’t make a lot of money. The drugs, the food, the supplements, the coaching and the gym memberships cost a lot. Who’s gonna pay for it? Most bodybuilders spend a small fortune on their recreational activity each month. That money can be saved or invested in something else. But just like junkies they continue giving money to the dealers. Many bodybuilders are forced to get into activities such as G4P ( gay for pay) to make ends meet.

Obviously, serious depression is unavoidable. People just feel lost and can’t get out the magic circle. The best prevention is to never start, but what if it’s too late? The best thing to do is cut your losses. We all have lessons to learn. To get out of the steroid addiction cycle you have to face your fears. You are not going to disappear, if you are not the “big guy” anymore. You are you – whether you are big or not.

If people only like you for your fake muscles, they don’t like you at all. But since when is people liking you a recipe for a happy life? Natural bodybuilders maybe be way smaller, but at least they don’t have to face problems like steroid addiction and the depression it comes with.

Looking like Kali Muscle, Greg Plitt, CT Fletcher…etc. may see awesome, but they are not telling the whole story. Never forget that.

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  1. delectric

    Good motivation reading this. Fake body builders also steal energy from the natural crew. Human interaction and positive affirmation from others is important for all people.

    Imagine the small natty in the gym actually knows a hell of a lot more than the juice junkies and yet his fitness advice is discarded and despite his hard efforts praise for the physical form that should go to him goes instead to a chemical freak.

    Indeed the natty is looked down on as a genetic loser. As such these guys that hide their steroid use deserve to feel depressed and have shit lactating out of their titties.

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