Should You Squat Everyday?

Over the last few years the popularity of everyday squatting has increased tremendously thanks to the weightlifting coach John Broz who promotes the so-called Bulgarian training method.

However, is squatting everyday a good idea for those who are not professionals?

It doesn’t look like it.

1.It takes too much time and money.


Unless you have a home gym in your garage or basement you will lose way too much time everyday going to the gym and doing your squatting.

If you are a rich spoiled person exploiting other people, you may have time for similar endeavors but most don’t have that luxury.

If you are going to spend so much time in gym, you are also losing Federal Reserve Notes. Why not save some it for more relevant usage? You are not a pro after all.

2.It causes pain.

Squatting everyday could be a nightmare for your joints. If you are squatting any meaningful weight, the stress on the hips, knees and lower back from daily heavy sets is quite high and will accumulate over time. Unless you are on steroids and have the time to recover from your daily squats, you will get hurt or overtrain and regress.

3.It’s not good for naturals.

The inventor of the Bulgarian training method is Ivan Abadjiev. His athletes had great results but they were lifting 24/7 and many were injured. Stefan Botev, former weightlifting champion, said in one of his interviews that many of his colleagues experienced life ending injuries.

He also added that it was not uncommon to train until 1 a.m. in the morning and sleep just a few hours. Now, how do you survive this? By having mutant genetics and taking lots and lots of anabolic steroids.

4.It’s not needed for progress.


The popular powerlifter Ed Coan squatted heavy only once a week.

That did not prevent him from breaking world records. Even with such schedule he needed a hip replacement surgery later in his life.

Regular folks can progress with 1-3 squat sessions a week. Anything beyond that is not needed for progress.

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