Do Soccer Players Use Anabolic Steroids? Is soccer another steroid dependent sport?

Soccer, or football outside of the U.S., is known to produce many athletes with aesthetic physiques. The most popular currently is, of course, Christiano Ronaldo. The media claimed that he was doing 3 000 sit-ups to maintain his abs and overall sexy looks. This reveals how little the general public actually knows about training.


Besides Christiano there are many other less famous soccer players with physiques that would catch the attention of the average bodybuilding fan.

It would naive to believe that the sport is clean. Soccer is a trillion dollar business used for mass brainwashing and there is no way in hell PED, including anabolics, are not part of it.

However, I don’t think soccer players truly care about getting big through the use of steroids. Illegal drugs are probably used to improve the cardio-vascular performance of the players as well recover faster from injuries.

Soccer players’ muscular development and lean bodies can be achieved without the use of anabolic steroids for the most part.

Quite frankly, being a ‘jacked’ soccer player is more an exception to the norm. Most are not big at all nor incredibly lean. The sport may require phenomenal cardio performance but you don’t need to be 8% BF in order to run fast. There are soccer players who are well over 15% BF and still perform well. Endurance does not require absolute leanness, although you cannot expect from someone running for 90 minutes to be really fat.

Soccer is a sport build upon strategy, endurance, skills, technique and beyond all the naivety of the fans who are willing to kill other humans just for liking a different team.

This makes the sport less dependent on steroids compared to bodybuilding, which is more of a beauty contest, and powerlifting. If all drugs are removed from soccer, the game would not change as much. Players will recover slowly from injuries and but it will be the same thing in the end of the day. Obviously, it’s not the same when it comes to muscle shows and strength activities which are 90% drug and genetics dependent.

Unlike American football players soccer players don’t really need to be big since it’s not the nature of the sport. Some defenders may benefit from having a tougher look and more mass to their frame, but nowhere near the muscle behemoths seen in NFL which are all on drugs.

Regardless of the sport, however, the days when the athletes were clean are long, long gone. PEDs are widely used by all competitors from chess players to bodybuilders. There is a PED for every case and every situation. Even a simple pain killer could be considered doping, although in professional sports we’re talking about much more severe use of pharmaceuticals products.

Never forget that the whole point of sports is to serve as bread and circuses. They were created to give men a place to spend their energy in exchange for their manhood. There people who don’t know the basics of how this world functions as far as the human factors goand yet they consider an accomplishment going to the stadium and screaming after millionaires kicking a ball. This is the number one reason why sports players get paid so much – they have an important role which is taking away the attention of the masses. Since there is so much money all kinds of illegal schemes at micro and macro level are 100% present. You just don’t see them because you see only what they want you to see, which is heroes in face of actual idiots who only care about themselves.

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