Do Soccer Players Use Anabolic Steroids?

| November 2, 2014 by Truth Seeker |


Soccer, or football outside of the U.S., is known to produce athletes with aesthetic physiques. The most popular of them at the moment would be Christiano Ronaldo. The media claimed that he does 3 000 sit-ups to maintain his abs. This reveals how little the general public actually knows about training.

Is soccer another steroid dependent sport?

It would naive to believe that the sport is 100% clean. After all, soccer/football is a trillion dollar business used for mass brainwashing. Do you really think that the powers that be would allow it to remain clean? Of course, not. It’s a money printer of the highest order.

And yet I don’t think that soccer players truly care about getting big. Unlike American football, soccer does not require behemoths on the field. Therefore, it makes more sense to use drugs designed to improve the recovery and endurance.

Honestly, being a “jacked” soccer player is an exception rather than the rule. Most players are neither big nor incredibly lean. The sport may require phenomenal cardio performance, but you don’t have to be 8% body fat to run fast. There are soccer players over 15% body who still perform well. Endurance does not call for ultra-leanness, although you cannot expect from someone running for 90 minutes to be super fat.

Soccer is a sport built upon strategy, endurance, skills, technique and beyond all the naivety of fans willing to kill other humans for liking a different team. This makes the sport less dependent on steroids compared to bodybuilding and powerlifting. If all drugs are removed from soccer, the game would not change as much. The players may recover slowly from injuries, but the level of play would be similar. Obviously, it’s not the same when it comes to muscle shows and strength activities.

Regardless of the sport, however, the days when the athletes were clean are long, long gone. PEDs are widely used by all competitors from chess players to bodybuilders. There is a PED for every case and every situation. Even a simple painkiller could be considered doping.

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