Shins Bleeding From Deadlifts – Why?

The deadlift is a brutal exercise that makes even otherwise tough guys scream like babies. One of the problems that occur during heavy deadlifts is shin bleeding.


The reason your shins are bleeding during deadlifts is that the bar is leaning into your legs during the ascend. Due to the friction the skin of the shin is often wounded and this results in bleeding, soreness and hatred towards deadlifting.

Is this any good?

Believe it or not the fact that your sheens are bleeding during deadlifts could be a good thing. When you are deadlifting you want the bar as close as possible to your body.

If there’s distance between you and the bar, your lowerback suffers more stress due to the longer lever. That’s why most strength coaches require the lifter to keep the bar touching the body all the way up.

What can I do to stop it?



The most practical way to stop shin bleeding during deadlifts would be to use long soccer socks. That way your shins are covered and protected during the lift.

Some people are known to use soccer shin guards during the deadlift but due to the thickness of the equipment it often feels weird and puts you out of position.

Instead of shin guards you may use a newspaper and put in your sucks in order to add more cushioning.

Note: To reduce shin damage during deadlifts even further, make sure you deadlift in long pants. However, use some old clothes because the material will be damaged by the bar.

The good news

Once you’ve gained some experience deadlifting you will be able to perform it without destroying your shins as much. There will still be some friction but it will be minimized due to better bar path and control.

However, there’s always a chance for shin bleeding, but don’t worry it happens even to the professional powerlifters who are considered the deadlift kings.

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