Is Serge Nubret’s Training Method Effective For Naturals?

Serge Nubret was one of the most influential bodybuilders over the years. He was famous for his incredible physique and the ability to maintain it until old age. Even in his 60s and beyond he looked muscular and lean. That what caused such a great interest in Serge Nubret’s training methods.

Is Serge Nubret's Training Method Effective For Naturals?

According to Serge himself he relied on super high volume and frequent training. He wasn’t using very heavy weights, but the rest periods and the amount of repetitions were the reason his method was so effective and intense. Serge would train for hours and hours in the gym and sometimes even sleep a little bit between sessions.

In our opinion natural bodybuilders should not train like Serge Nubret. His training methods are inferior for the most part and do not tell the whole story.

1.Serge Nubret used a lot of drugs during his career

You have to be quite ignorant and naive to believe that Serge Nubret was a natural bodybuilder. He wasn’t natural and used a lot of anabolic steroids. According to underground sources his favorite was negma parabolin which is a highly effective anabolic steroid no longer produced in its original form.

How do you think Serge Nubret was able to maintain similar physique in his 60s and 70s? Of course, he would like you to believe that it was all thanks to his training and nutrition, but that’s only a small part of the picture and no matter how much you train, you just can’t look like that in your 60s and 70s naturally.

Let’s assume just for an instance that Serge Nubret was a natural bodybuilder. If that’s the case, he was able to reach the level of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his crew without drugs. If that’s possible for him to achieve without drugs, what would he look like on drugs? It makes absolutely no sense that a person so obsessed with bodybuilding wouldn’t go all the way to beat the competition.

2.Lifting for the pump makes you weak

If you lift light weights, you develop endurance but not strength. To develop strength one has to lift heavier weights because that’s what strength is. The method of Serge Nubret calls for tons of reps and sets but the weight is pretty light which means that the body never actually gets used to heavier weights. As a natural bodybuilder you have to be looking to improve your strength, even if that’s not your main goal.

3.Who has the time?

Who has the time to train 6 days a week for hours per session? Only a person who has a home gym or a lot of free time can afford to sacrifice so much in the pursuit of the perfect body. Serge Nubret was a professional bodybuilder his whole life and had the luxury to dedicate his entire existence to pumping iron. Most people can’t do that and as result should not copy his training methods.

4.All bodybuilders are pathological liars

Virtually 90% of the professional bodybuilders are pathological liars who believe their own lies. They are so deep into Fakeland that they’ve convinced even themselves that their false reality is indeed true. It isn’t and most of the time the only goal of similar approach is to take advantage of those who don’t know. Also, bodybuilders fear that if they reveal their true secret, people won’t respect them as much and would discredit their results.


  1. Iron God (not really)

    I do not know if Serge Nubret was natty or not but I did read this once (to paraphrase):
    “Light weights and high volume can increase strength. How? The muscles use a minimum of fibres within a muscle, once those fibres are exhausted, the muscle then uses the other fibres, and so on until every fibre is exhausted.”

    If anyone does not believe that light weights and high reps cannot build muscle then go take a look at the thighs on a long distance cyclist or a drummer in a rock band, the calves on a window cleaner, the forearms of ropemaking sailors of old.

  2. Iron God (not really)

    Sorry, I meant “If anyone does not believe that light weights and high reps CAN build muscle…”

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