Saving Money: Bodybuilding Tips For Cheap Bastards

One of the first problems people encounter when they start bodybuilding is how much money is need every month in order to make things work. In this post we will present you different ways to save some cash while keeping the muscle pursuit going. In some cases the ideas below may help you reduce your expenses by 40% or more.


1.Stop buying supplements

You don’t need to buy any kind of supplements to build muscle. No protein powders, no creatine, no glutamine, no L-carnitne, no nothing. You only need supplements, if you have some kind of nutrient deficiency. Similar topics, however, need to be discussed with your doctor. Healthy people don’t need supplements. Food would do just fine, if not better. If you need a low calorie source of protein, stick to egg whites and chicken. If you are vegetarian, you may try low calorie high protein cheese.

Just this step alone will save most people a lot of money. You will be surprised but stopping all supplements will not have negative impact on your physique at all. You will probably look and feel better without all that blubber.

2.Reduce your days in the gym 

A good old trick to save some money is to cut your days in the gym. You may need to reevaluate your program and remove some of the stupid stuff you’re doing. Stick to the basics and don’t do crazy routines meant for advances lifters and/or morons. It’s funny how no professionals suddenly decide that they need to train like pros on steroids and do crazy routines that requrie you to be in the gym 5-6 times a week.

Another thing you could try is training upper body at home or at the park. You can build an exceptional upper body through bodyweight exercises only and go to the gym solely to train legs and do full body exercises like the deadlift. This will reduce your time in the gym significantly.

3.Don’t buy magazines

Don’t buy bodybuilding magazines and rely solely on the Internet for information. This will save you some cash depending on how much you were investing in print media in the first place. Most of the magazines are just 60-70% ads and the rest is recycled material.

4.Don’t use steroids

One of the benefits of being a natural bodybuilder is that you don’t need to give money for drugs. If you are a steroid user, we advise you to switch to natural bodybuilding in order to protect your health and save some money. Of course, in the end of the day everything boils down to personal choice.

5.Make a market research in order to select cheaper foods

The food bill could super large when you are a muscle worshiper. Bodybuilders just need to eat quality food in decent quantities. This could be very expensive. One of the ways to make things cheaper is to research the local market and select foods at an affordable price that are also high in protein. Analyze the prices and make a decision.

Cut all the junk food you don’t really need to a minimum – no more than 10% of your total intake. Buy food only from the supermarket – it’s cheaper there. Even a few pennies less could per egg equal some decent money in the end of the month.

Good luck!

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