Ryan Terry – Natty or Not?

Ryan Terry is a professional fitness model and IFBB Pro Physique champion from the UK. He has a physique many people consider perfection – deep symmetrical abs, wide lats, round delts aesthetic legs…etc. He has many followers who are willing to do anything to get his body. But can you do it naturally?

Is Ryan Terry natty or not? The factors to consider when making your decision are:

1.Ryan Terry has the Photoshop look

Ryan Terry presents dry, lean and muscular physique that looks made in Photoshop. The skin all over the body is very thin. Similar condition is really hard to achieve and maintain as a natural bodybuilder. Most steroid free bodybuilders deflate fast when they are so lean and shredded.

2.Ryan Terry is as big as Frank Zane

Ryan Terry is 5’10” (178cm) and weights 187 lbs (85kg). On the other hand Frank Zane who won Mr. Olympia three times was: 5’19” (175cm) and 185lbs (84kg). Obviously the condition of both athletes is very similar and so is their contest weight. An appropriate question to ask is: why are fitness models today (not even bodybuilders) as big as former Mr. Olympias. How was such tremendous progress achieved. Is it advancement of drugs or something else?

{you decide}

3.Ryan Terry shows fast growth

The transformation in the picture below was achieved in just one year. This is a lot of quality mass gains. It’s not to be taken lightly. Additionally, since fitness models have to be constantly ready for photo shoots Ryan Kelly keeps his body weight really low all year round. There is no time for caloric surplus. And without calorie surplus gaining mass naturally is close to impossible.

Ryan Terry - Natty Or Not?

via: bodybuilding.com

4.Ryan Terry is a professional fitness model

Similar to Lazar Angelov, Simeon Panda, Matt Ogus, Jeff Seid…etc Ryan Terry is a fitness model who has to protect his contracts with supplement companies and modeling agencies. Nobody wants a well known drug user to promote their products.

Since the majority of the merchandise targets the unaware crowd that believes you can get the arms of Phil Heath naturally, it’s obvious why everybody benefits from having a “natty” status. It’s a deception.

5.People fail to get as big as Ryan Terry

There are many beginners who are willing to do anything to get to the level of Ryan Terry. They train hard, diet hard, read a lot and still never quite get the results. When they are big they are too fat and when they are lean they are too small. What’s going on? What are the followers of Ryan Terry doing wrong? They have the dedication, the motivation. They put in the work and always end up too far from the wanted look.

Some of you will probably say genetics is the reason. Genes play a very important role in natural bodybuilding and fitness modeling. There is no point in denying it. However, in general humans have common limitations. No matter who you are, you are a human being and you share equal qualities with the rest of your species. How comes only a tiny, minuscule group is allow to triumph while the rest are labeled as losers? What’s there secret to achieving such greatness while they are still so young?

{you decide}


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  1. sion

    this website is a complete joke his nickname is terry bulk at least do a little research and in the one year transformation you showed he put on very little mussel just better conduction. 2013 he doesn’t have a pump and 11 months later he does anyone who works out knows a pump makes a huge difference to your physic

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