When Running Sucks For Losing Weight

Running is one of the most popular ways to lose weight. It’s in every sport related movie like Rocky. While running is a healthy activity sometimes it just can’t cut it and does more harm than good. When? If an individual is severely overweight running becomes more of a harmful activity. When you are quite fat your knees won’t be happy to run for miles. That’s why seriously overweight people prefer to swim or ride a bike. There’s less impact. Running is just too hard on the joints and getting injured will not get you to closer your goals. People in similar situation should stick to their losing weight diet and easy to moderate cardio. They can begin running when it’s safe to do so. Start slow.

Another problem people face when they want to go out for a run is the hostile environment around. If you live in a super cold place with evil dogs around, running Rocky style is not as sexy anymore. In fact, going out for a run at 4 a.m. could be plain dangerous and stupid. Running alone in dark streets is not exactly a fun activity. Sure, you will still lose weight from the stress, but it’s probably for the better to find another more optimal alternative to getting yourself a heart attack.

With that being said running could be still hard on your joints even when you are skinny. Running is sort of a ballistic exercise and ballistics are known to cause issues due to the impact. You may be able to squat super heavy weights without knee pain, while not being able to run at all, That’s because the squat, while explosive, is not really a ballistic exercise. When the powerlifting legend Ed Coan underwent hip replacement injury he was still allowed to squat heavy for that exact reason. Running and jumping were avoided thought.

Don’t get the wrong idea. Running is still a really good form of exercise. Sprints will build your legs while jogging develops endurance and stamina needed for sports such as boxing, martial arts…etc. If you are in a position to do it – roll on your running shoes and hit the track, but don’t cry if it’s not your thing at the moment.

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