Is Rob Riches On Steroids?

Rob Riches is an extremely popular fitness model originally from the UK and now living in Santa Monica, California. He was able to gain immense amount of following due to his appearance in the media and in fitness contests. According to the latest information he trains at the Mecca Of Bodybuilding – Gold’s Gym in Venice.

After failing a drug test many supporters of Rob Riches have started wondering whether their idol is truly a natural bodybuilder who doesn’t use banned substances such as anabolic steroids and GH (growth hormone).

Before making a decision whether Rob Riches is natural or not take into consideration the following facts.

1.Rob Riches has them ultra deep cuts and quality mass.
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Obviously, Rob Riches presents a very lean physique. It has sharpness and crispness that’s extremely rare to see among mortals. The mid-section of the competitor is formed of deep cuts. The musculature is extremely dry and hard. Similar condition looks surrealistic and will make many people turn around. Why? Because people like the unknown, the uncommon – the things that look as an exception to our daily living. For the very same reasons unreal movies enjoy such large popularity. The more ordinary the movie, the less people want to watch it.

Today people are going crazy for vampire movies…this explains a lot.

Rob Riches’ level of muscular hardness resembles to a point what we find among genetically modified animals. Most naturals that present similar leanness look depleted and flat as pancakes. The muscle appears exhausted because all the juice has been squeezed out of it. Rob Riches does not have that problem and looks full and powerful even at super low  body fat. The slabs of meat he has just jump right in  your face. It’s like a Photoshop image on which the ‘Sharpen‘ option has been used until complete exhaustion.

2.If it’s too good to be true, it’s probably not true.

Rob Riches is a fitness adviser. He tells people what they are supposed to do in order to get his physique. He shows them how to eat, how to train and how to live the aesthetic lifestyle in general. However, how many of Rob’s fans actually reach levels of muscular development similar to his?

Even if you do everything by the book, you will still not look like Rob Riches or any other professional muscle figure. No matter how much protein you take, no matter how much creatine you put in your post-workout shake…it’s still not going to happen. If following the advice of professional bodybuilders was making people crazy muscular, there wouldn’t be so many skinny twinks in the gym buying supplements because “a big guy told them so.”

We all want to believe that we’ll be movie stars one day but we won’t.

3.Solid competition

Every field is dirty. In this world ruled by satanic dogmas fair play is not tolerated and its leftovers are nothing more than cold courtesy. If someone can take your place, he will do so in an instance. People are willing to do everything to get an edge and the modeling world is not an exception. Back stabbing, dirty tactics and manipulation seem to be the norm. This is why fitness models take illegal substances in order to get ahead. How do you set new standards? By eating right? By taking the right supplements? Think again.

The fitness industry and the bodybuilding world have reached the point of no return. People don’t want to see smaller and less ripped guys. Fitness models are forced to keep up with the demand. If you don’t deliver, someone will take your place. That’s why it’s highly unlikely that people at the top are not using illegal substances.

At 180lbs and 5’10 Rob Riches may not be the biggest fitness model out there but he is still up there with some of the most aesthetic athletes in the game.

If it looks like a duck, it probably is a duck.



  1. b

    Dude you write like a fuckin philosopher. “In this world ruled by satanic dogmas fair play is not tolerated and its leftovers are nothing more than cold courtesy” – are you fucking kidding me? I’m saving this quote, it’s one for the books.

    1. Skommelling Champion

      Besides the failed drug test the rest is all just assumption based. He talks about the photos looking photoshopped with sharpen pinged up. You can see the image is processed and has been sharpened considerably. I get upset with these claims because I have photos where I’m playing drums that have been edited and my forearms look unnatural. I have a light at home that I can stand under and I look like I’m 6% body fat, then I step closer to the mirror and want to dick punch myself because I look completely different. Don’t trust anyone who uses pictures as their evidence, Rob Riches isn’t that impressive in his videos because it’s harder to use lighting and processing continuously

    2. jai

      The fitness models know this. That is y they take great pains to hide their steroids usage. Luckily you saw it.. rob riches is not natty. Period….. type rob riches vegan gains on YouTube. U will see a great video

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