The Reason Why Bodybuilders Wear Tank Tops

Bodybuilders have become notorious for their clothing preferences. Many of them wear tank tops and all kinds of ‘cut clothes’ in order to show off their big arms all the time. If they could, they would constantly walk around with their biceps flexed looking for admiration.

They want everybody in the neighborhood to know that their arms have finally reached 18-20+ inches. This is essential piece of information since arm size has become the biggest obsession of bodybuilders due to social stereotypes according to which huge ‘guns’ equal strength and power.

Why bodybuilders wear tank tops?

Jay Cutler in a tank top;
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Another reason why bodybuilders wear tank tops is that most lifters look much smaller in clothes.

Without a doubt a true natural bodybuilder or even an unnatural bodybuilder from lower weight class would look much smaller and less impressive when everything is covered in clothes.

To tell the truth most people would have trouble realizing whether the person in question is actually lifting weights. Where do you think the phrase: ‘Do you even lift, bro?’ comes from?

Surprisingly, that’s also true for IFBB pros. In the image below you see the high level competitor Kai Green next to normal people. He does not look as big as he does on stage.

To tell the truth most people who are ignorant would find his looks somewhat ‘phat’ due to his GH gut which has become the common trend in professional bodybuilding where the so-called ‘pregnant look’ seems to be tolerated rather well.


The biggest reason why bodybuilders don’t look as impressive in clothes is because their low body fat levels cannot shine through. When one has very low body fat his/hers physique looks much more impressive and creates the so-called ‘bigger than life’ illusion.

So, if you can’t get your deserved ‘props’ for developing an eye catching physique when you wear normal man clothes, what’s in it for you? When others can’t see that you are a workout monster, what’s the point of working out at all? How are you supposed to ‘get the girls’ and attention in the club, if you are not showing off your big arms? Those are common questions that go through the head of the average gym rat while making a protein shake every 2-3 hours.

So, what is the solution?

Just wear a tank top and show everybody that you are an attention whore who badly needs the approval of others to feed the ego.

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