The Real Reasons Why CrossFit Sucks Talking trash about CrossFit never gets old.

CrossFit has taken over the spare time of many lost souls.

Every day thousands of people update their statuses on various social networks in order to report a hardcore workout.

They want everybody to know about their CrossFit experience because the number one rule of CrossFit is:

Make sure everybody knows you’re doing CrossFit.

It seems that talking about your CrossFit session is more important than the actual physical activity.

That’s because CrossFit has soaked up every corporate nonsense in the world and shares many characteristic of mainstream music – it’s full of flaws but it’s also popular because the agenda requires it.

Below are the reasons why we believe that CrossFit does not have a pretty soul.


1. It’s not as effective as you think.

One of the things that CrossFit fanatics will never admit is that their training methods are not that effective compared to standard circuits and strength work.

A few months ago, I did a post on Miranda Oldroyd. She shared it on her Instagram profile.

{Is Miranda Oldroyd natural or on steroids?}

Most people labeled the post as pure garbage. According to most comments, Miranda is as natty as they make them. While this was expected, there was one comment that I remembered.

Somebody wrote that the reason for Miranda Oldroyd’s muscle development is CrossFit’s extraterrestrial effectiveness. According to that person, common people are unable to comprehend this and therefore accuse CrossFit ninjas of PED usage. This is when I understood that CrossFit brainwash was getting serious.

The truth is that there is absolutely nothing special about CrossFit training. It represents a collection of conditioning work combining all kinds of exercises. CrossFit is one big circuit which ignores the fact that not all ingredients mix well.

A good example would be the execution of the so-called Olympic lifts. A quick search on the Internet reveals that CrossFitters have failed to understand one very simple fact – the Olympic lifts were never ever supposed to be done for high reps.

CrossFit fanatics ignore this and many other rules of lifting. The results are actually amusing, but only for those watching the CrossFit fail compilations on YouTube.

There is nothing magical about CrossFit that could possibly come even close to justifying the steroid suggesting bodies of many CrossFit athletes.

There is no doubt that CrossFit is neither a miraculous training method nor a philosophy that can help you overcome the shortcomings of natural bodybuilding. It can’t and never will.

Dear CrossFitters, there are far safer and more intelligent circuit methods that were available long before the CrossFit epidemic hit the world.


2. Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None

CrossFit seems to be against specialization.

The competitors are required to do exercises coming from various strength and endurance sports. The result is a failure to achieve mastery in any of them.

To get good at something, you need to be dedicated. One of the best ways to never accomplish anything is to do too much at once. There are only so many hours in a day, and when you spread yourself too thin, you lose the battle regardless of how big your army is.

When your efforts are denser, you hit harder.

This is another reason why there are so many videos showing CrossFit athletes, lifting heavy weights with incredibly poor form.

It takes a lot of time to learn how to lift. When so many different movements need to be performed, the end result is an inability to develop a base. When you don’t have a base, you don’t have the freedom to make your own choices. The base is the only thing that can set your free.

Once you’re more advanced you can experiment.

Until then it seems more logical to learn how to do a few things really well instead of trying hard to suck at as many activities as possible just to look “hardcore“.


3. Steroids

CrossFit is now a billion dollar industry.

The prize pool of the so-called CrossFit games is almost bigger than the one of Mr. Olympia which is a competition with 50 years of tradition. When there is big money at stake, you can be certain that there is also doping.

The usage of steroids is not that important. After all, people should be free to do whatever they want with their bodies as long as it does not harm other people.

The real problem is that a lot of girls and boys are misled that they can look like the shredded CrossFit athletes naturally. You can’t. Most are doping their brains out. You can’t have that size and conditioning at the same time.


4. Working HARD does not mean progress.

The fact that something is hard does not make it effective. Masturbating 10 times a day is a very demanding physical activity, but what does it bring you?

Swelling, sore forearm and shoulder pain. It’s the same with CrossFit – the activities make you tired, but do not always push you forward.

Most people doing CrossFit don’t have specific goals. They just do the Workout Of The Day (WOD), vomit and brag about it on Facebook or Instagram.

Killing yourself in the gym does not equal success unless you goal is to fill the “puke here” bucket.


5. Be cocky or die trying!

CrossFit comes with a special cocky vibe. Everybody who does CrossFit is supposed to be something special. People really love being part of different clubs and CrossFit shows it.

It reminds of those evil computers with the bitten Apple on them. They do the same thing as a regular computer except that the price is five times higher. It would not surprise me one bit if later a study reveals that Apple snobs are more likely to get involved in the snobbish circle j*** known as CrossFit.


6. Certifications

Another evidence that CrossFit is full of corporate branding are the so-called certifications.

People are required to pay money and pass different courses in order to be able to label themselves as CrossFit experts.

What is a CrossFit expert, really? Perhaps somebody who can teach you how to do a kipping pull-up?

The truth is that training is not brain surgery. It’s simple. All you need is access to the Internet, motivation and the perseverance to get back after failing. A certification course does not necessarily teach you that. All the information that the certification offers can be obtained without emptying your pocket.

Gym and trainer certifications do not eliminate ignorance. There is no guarantee that somebody with a lot of certificates is really knowledgeable and wise.

The only thing that certification of gym and trainers achieves is the creation of a cult, and as well know – cults have only one goal in mind – to rob.

7. It’s not about the people. It’s about the brand.

The biggest problem with CrossFit is that the brand seems to be ranked higher than the soul. The different marketing moves that come with CrossFit are oriented towards money making rather than educating people.

Most CrossFit fanatics don’t really get it. They need an intervention to get out of the sect.

It’s actually getting serious. People are paying more for a CrossFit gym than a regular commercial one. In some towns, a CrossFit membership costs USD 150 or more a month.

Why, really?

While most commercial gyms are full of unneeded equipment, they do tend to cost more. Making a CrossFit gym is way cheaper than organizing and maintaining one with 20 treadmills and 50 bikes.

I guess the added value is the sect membership fee.

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