The Real Reasons Bodybuilders Put Synthol In Their Arms

There are many bodybuilders who have gained popularity as people injecting synthol or other sight enhancement materials such as PMMA in their arms. Question is, why are they doing it? What makes an individual put external fluids in his arms?

1. Bodybuilders are insecure

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It’s not hot news that bodybuilders could be highly insecure individuals trying to hide behind muscles. Muscle mass makes them feel protected from the scary outside world. After all, the action movies have made us believe that strength and muscle mass can protect you from almost anything. When you appear larger than life, it seems easier to handle the misfortunes that happen to you, at least according to action movies.

Due to mainstream media brainwash people always link the arms and in particular the biceps with physical strength and mass {thank you Arnold}. As a result this is the spot which bodybuilders train the most. You arms can never be too big.

Consequently, this is also the spot where bodybuilders inject synthol and other inflating materials the most. There are people like Rich Piana who had big arms and yet they started injecting external elements such as PMMA in order to make the muscles appear even larger.

2. Bodybuilders are stupid and delusional

There are many bodybuilders who lack knowledge and intelligence when it comes to training and life in general. People who inject synthol in their arms are not smart at all. They are risking infections as well as internal organ injuries for the sake of having fake arms. Anyway you look at it – it’s stupid.

For those of you who don’t see it, synthol makes you look like shit and is a crime against your body and soul. You are giving away what was given to you as a gift for the sake of acquiring some plastic look in order to fit into this sick society. If you are planning synthol loading, get your head examined.

3. Covering a weakness

Most IFBB professionals use synthol. It may be subtle and hard to notice, but it’s there. Its use is meant to cover a weakness and ‘balance your physique’. It’s often injected into the arms, shoulders and sometimes the calves. Examples of popular professional bodybuilders who most likely used synthol would be:

Nasser El Sonbaty

Notice how the shape of the biceps and the shoulders seems to be unnatural.

Notice how the shape of the biceps and the shoulders seems to be unnatural.

Flex Wheeler

Notice how the triceps lack definition and look like bags holding oil.

Notice how the triceps lack definition and look like bags holding oil.

Jay Cutler

Notice the unnatural biceps shape and lack of definition.

Notice the unnatural biceps shape and lack of definition.

and many more…

With that being said, professional bodybuilders have at least somewhat more logical explanation why they use synthol, unlike the recreational users who just want to look good for the club. There are many teenagers out there who obviously lack education and intelligence since they’re putting so much time and effort into impressing people by having baloney arms. Those youngsters need to spend more time educating themselves instead of fighting for lost causes only supported by hurt egos. recommends to all teenagers planning to load their arms with sythol to reconsider this step and do something more meaningful. As an extra motivation not to use synthol we want you to look at the video below which shows what has to be done in order to drain all of that poison out of your body. Viewer discretion is advised.

In conclusion

Don’t use synthol to cover your weaknesses. Sooner or later it will end bad and you will regret it.

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