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Just like male physique competitors, females are no strangers to artificial physical enhancement. The whole contest is supposed to present the beauty of the female body, at least according to the manual, and yet it seems that people are actually trying their best to recreate an imaginary, unnatural appearance.

The Less I Look Like Myself, The Better

Put the mask on.

Put the mask on.

The main goal of working out is to enhance your natural physical qualities in a positive direction while requiring a spiritual evolution as well. Working out in the gym is meant to teach you about both – the body and the mind.

However, that cannot be seen when you look at a regular female physique competition. The competitors may have developed bodies, but all of them look like they’ve came out of the same factory. They look like robots.

Virtually every competitor appears the same or at least strives to do so. This causes identity loss and an effect that one would call ‘deaden character’. It’s mainly due to the fact that the spiritual evolution we were talking about is forgotten and never took place because if it did – the competitors would be smart enough to realize that they don’t need some judges to tell them how they are supposed to look. They would be smarter and feel more secure inside.

The judges have set some sort of an accepted ideal look which is often just derived from marketing ambitions. They’re constantly trying to find out what sells the best and as always – it all boils down to which look produces a ‘hard-on‘ the fastest.

It seems that the whole goal of every physique competitor is to look the least like herself and the most like a barbie doll, created by a designer suffering from a peculiar fetish for the artificial.

Sorry, physique competitors do use steroids.

Since the desired look cannot be achieved naturally, female physique competitors use anabolic steroids and other PED to get it.

It would be quite impossible to naturally reach and maintain looks like the ones of Dana Linn Bailey for example. For a female to have such low body fat levels and yet to be so muscular is just not natural.

A glimpse at the 3D deltoids of physique competitors is enough to know that something is going on and that something is not a special kind of diet. It’s the good old classic ‘juicing’.

If you don’t believe me, here’s the truth coming from the mouth of an insider – Ariella Palumbo. In the video above she talks about what female competitors actually use to achieve their looks. She has first hand experience.

Make me 100% fake, please!

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The list of artificial enhancers used by female physique competitors is actually quite long:

1. Breast implants

Having big breasts is very important for a female that’s supposed to have a seductive appearance. However, when your body fat is so low that you have visible veins on your abs, it’s kinda hard to maintain any kind of breast size. That, and the fact that not every female has good porn star like breasts in the first place, is the reason why breast implants a.k.a. fake tits are so common among physique competitors.

2. Hair extensions and hair coloring

Many physique competitors actually experience hair loss. It’s not very common but it happens. Hair loss is determined by how your organism reacts to the drugs and depends mainly on how much PED you’re taking.

Since one of the side effects of steroid usage is hair loss – you risk losing hair when you are ‘pinning’. That’s why artificial hair extensions could be need to cover the problematic spots. However, competitors use artificial hair even if they actually have plenty of the real thing. The goal is to once again create the look of a ‘hot product’ that the morons would buy.

3. Artificial tanning

In order to increase their muscular definition physique competitors use artificial tanning, just like professional bodybuilders. Tanning coupled with body oils can make your muscles appear much more detailed and separated. However, this is not how your skin looks naturally. So, in a way – it’s still fake.

4. Make-up

This one is obviously a classic and used by most females over the age of 16. Whatever the case – make up is not natural and also helps you achieve an artificial look that you would otherwise not have.

5. High heels

All female competitors are required to wear high heels in order to look taller and create the illusion of longer, sexier legs. Similar to make-up high heels are also part of the arsenal of the every day working woman. However, this doesn’t change the fact that high heels are not natural and the obvious fact is that walking in high heels sucks.

6. Fake smile

With the risk of taking it too far, we will add ‘fake smile‘ on the list. How come every physique competitor is so damn happy on stage? Well, they actually aren’t and their smiles are fake. However, the competitors are required by an unwritten rule to smile on stage.

Sorry, fake smiles ain’t natural.

Pay The Price To Look Like A Man

Compared to professional female bodybuilders physique competitors have been able to keep most of the their feminine traits. Unfortunately, the anabolics still take a burden and come with side effects such as deepening of the voice, increased body hair at odd places, enlargement of the clitoris, hair loss, acne, male face features, anovulation, delayed menstrual cycles, depression, feeling hostile and many more.

Since having high testosterone levels is extremely unnatural for females, even what would be considered a baby dose for male can cause serious problems for a woman.

That’s the price you pay for wanting to look like a man.

Which one do you like more – pic. A or pic. B ? Don’t worry, I already know the answer.

Picture A


Brigitte Bardot {image source:;}

Picture B

image source:;

Dana Linn Bailey (left), Tycie Coppett (right) image source:;

Will it ever end?

No, it’s just getting started. Many put a lot of faith in both, male and female physique competitions, since people are no longer as interested in 350 lbs bodybuilders with 50 inch guts. The looks of the physique competitors appear to be more attractive because people believe they can achieve similar bodies naturally. Currently, this is a good marketing strategy that is actually working. Why would they fix if it’s not broken?

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Nothing wrong with working out

With that being said there’s nothing wrong with working out. Females that are natural will never get ‘as muscular as men’ no matter how hard they train. There is no need to be afraid of doing ‘male’ exercises. You won’t look like a man unless you also have the hormonal profile of one.

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