Pullovers: Build Mind Muscle Connection With Your Lats

One of the hardest things for people is building mind muscle connection with their latissumus dorsi muscle a.k.a. ‘lats’. A good way to learn where you lats is to do lots of pullovers.

Contrary to popular belief the pullover is not a chest exercise. The primary movers are the long head of the triceps and the latissimus dorsi.

The pullover can be done in many different ways. You can use a free weight, usually a dumbbell, or a machine. Believe it or not there are actually machines dedicated specifically to that exercise. The most popular would be the one designed by Arthur Jones who was the owner of the exercise equipment under the brand Nautilus.

The cool thing about that machine is that the lats are constantly under tension – even at the bottom of the exercise.

To do it correctly you need to open your ribcage, stick your chest out and imagine that your arms are just hooks. You will feel a massive pump going through your lats from top to bottom.

Pullovers: Build Mind Muscle Connection With Your Lats

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image via: forums.musculardevelopment.com;

When you do pullovers with a dumbbell there’s no resistance when the movement is complete and the weight has returned to the initial position. The Nautilus machine fixes that and can cause insane burn in the latissimus dorsi muscles.

If you gym is not equipped with that machine you may try pullovers on the cross-over. Using the cable machine may not be as ‘gangsta’ as the dedicated version but still keeps constant tension on the lat muscles.

Here’s a video explaining the exercise:


Build mind muscle connection with your lats…

By doing exercises that are specifically targeting the latissimus dorsi muscle you are building the mind muscle connection needed during more powerful movements  such as deadlifts and the pull-ups.

A cool strategy is to sometimes do pullovers before pull-ups. That way you are starting the exercises with your lats already pre-exhausted. This makes the lat the weak link and more than likely you will feel the exercise stress that area much more than anything else.

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