Protein Bars: Do you really need waffles with protein?

What’s a protein bar?

In a nutshell protein bars are waffles loaded with whey/soy/whatever protein that are supposed to work as meal replacements.

Those protein waffles are among the most popular supplements used by recreational lifters. The idea is to provide the body with a quick source of protein and energy without bringing your food boxes with you. There are many different products, but a typical large protein bar contains:

Protein: 20-30 grams;
Fat: 20-30 grams;
Carbs: 25-30 grams;
Calories: 500 – 600 kcal;

Are protein bars really needed for muscle growth?


The supplement companies want to you to believe that your body needs to bath in protein all the time in order to maintain muscle mass and grow further. This is not needed and the body can do just fine without receiving insane amounts of protein. Despite this fact there are people who literally believe they will fall apart unless they consume a protein portion immediately after workout.

Luckily for us the body is not that fragile and you won’t lose any muscle mass, if you don’t consume those 20-30 grams of protein contained in your typical protein bar right after your workout. Protein bars are not crucial to muscle growth and are meant to be used just as supplementary nutrient source. That’s why we consider them unimportant and largely overrated.

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Protein Bars – Diabetes in a Waffle

Most protein bars, especially the really big ones, contain a lot of simple sugars. It’s not uncommon to experience sugar rushes after large consumption of protein bars. This is also where the hypocrisy of the supplement companies really kicks in. They are selling waffles, but just because there’s added powder protein, we are somehow supposed to look at the product as healthy.

What’s a good substitute for a protein bar?

It depends on the situation. If you are afraid that your muscles will melt off, while you’re going back home from the gym – don’t be. Unless it takes you 2-3 hours to go back home you don’t need to consume meal replacements after your workouts. You may consume a banana just to lift your energy levels after a hard workout and once you arrive home you can eat a real post workout meal instead of spoiling your appetite with waffles.

Do professional bodybuilders take protein bars?

In general, professional bodybuilders don’t take any supplements when the camera is not working. They may drink a protein shake or two but that’s it. It’s not uncommon for professional bodybuilders to sell the supplements given to them by their sponsors and to use the money for drugs. Protein bars have zero impact on the modern look of bodybuilders.

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Protein bars could be hell on your teeth…

There are many protein bars that make you feel like you are chewing glue. It’s sticky and can cause cavities. You may even feel like your fillings are about to get busted out. Healthy? Yeah, right!

But what am I supposed to do, if I am at work and can’t get anything to eat?

When you are in similar situation – hungry and stuck at work – it’s perfectly fine to eat protein waffles or whatever. We are not against you eating protein bars, but we are against the lies and the deception that muscle dissolves unless you’re consuming protein 24/7. We are also against people’s obsession with supplements. There are individuals who pay more for supplements that they do for real food. It’s not uncommon for uneducated ‘fitness brah’ to spend his birthday money on supplements and end up unable to buy any food. It’s like buying gas for you car, without having money to buy a working car.

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