Professional Bodybuilders Just Suck At Pull-ups

There is no doubt that professional bodybuilders just suck at doing pull-ups. Most of the time they do partial reps and count them for complete repetitions.

What’s up with that? Why can’t those ‘gorillas’ just pull themselves up the bar?

Professional Bodybuilders Just Suck At Pull-ups

1.Bodybuilders are heavy as hell.

Most of the famous bodybuilders are heavy as hell. In their prime Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman were easily 280 lbs on stage. That’s quite a lot of mass and makes moving around harder. Even if it’s all muscle, it’s still heavy and pull-ups are extremely hard when you weight as much as a fully loaded American refrigerator.

In the video below you see Jay Cutler doing 1/8 th pull-ups. The commentator in the video says he is about 300 lbs.


In the video below you see Nasser El Sonbaty also doing 1/8 th pull-ups.


Note: There are plenty of heavy guys who are able do a lot of pull-ups and muscle-ups regardless of their weight. A good example would be Kali Muscle.


2.Bodybuilding is not a pull-up competition.

Bodybuilding is a sport judged according to looks and you don’t have to be a pull-up master in order to win a show. In fact, you don’t even have to be super strong. You just need to look like you are. Many bodybuilders don’t lift heavy weights and usually do sets of 10+ reps. They see no point in doing double and triples because testing your strength does not build muscle. Volume does.

3.You don’t need to be good at pull-ups in order to have good back development.

Regardless of what the fitness fanatics say there are no obligatory exercises and there’s a substitute for almost any movement. You can build a huge back without ever doing a single pull-up. There are plenty of effective drills that will get you there as long as you put the needed time and effort.

4.Bodybuilders are just lazy and don’t care about performance so much.

The young bodybuilder Bostin Loyd has become quite famous thanks to his his deep insight knowledge in the game of bodybuilding. He classified the sport as ‘chemical welfare’ and said numerous times that the good bodybuilding coaches are actually experts in drug usage and not so much training and nutrition gurus.

That should not come as a surprise to you since we all know very well that the majority of the insane physiques we see in magazines and YouTube videos have been build through the usage of anabolic steroids other PED.

Bodybuilders don’t put as much effort into their workouts as they make you believe. Many train with just machines and usually use the same old excuse: ‘I just want to feel the muscle a little better and prevent injuries.’ On top of everything they eat junk food more often than you think and their diets are strict only a couple of weeks before competitions.

Well, sometimes just a couple of days.

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