Pre-Workout Supplements Substitutes

Every 5 minutes a new pre-workout supplement hits the market. They are everywhere and virtually each one of them claims to offer some magical benefits. However, if you remove the fancy labels, pre-workout supplements are nothing more than fast carbs. If you read the nutritional content, you will see that the product contains a lot of sugar. This is the oldest trick in the book.

Fast carbs are an immediate source of energy. Everyone will feel more energetic after consuming a small portion. If that’s all there is to it, why should we even buy pre-workout supplements?

Good question.

Usually the supplement companies use the bodies of fitness models such as Simeon Panda to advertise their products. People get caught, thinking you need pre-workout supplement to get an effective workout. It’s not the case and there are plenty of alternatives to pre-workout supplements.

If you were to just consume a banana, you will get the same effect. To add fuel to the fire you may also drink a cup of coffee. That alone will be plenty and could even be cheaper that a pre-workout supplement. Of course, it depends on the product. Some are cheaper but chances are if the supplement line hides behind the name of a famous bodybuilder such as Arnold Schwarzenegger it will cost more.

Lifting weights does not burn a lot of calories. In fact, it burns very little. You don’t need to consume half the fridge to recover. Supplement companies don’t want you to know that. All they care about is you continuing to buy their protein, creatine and other products including pre-workouts. That’s it. They couldn’t care less. Once the payment is made, it’s all good.

All you need before your workout is a small portion of fast carbs. A piece of fruit and a coffee make a decent combination. Bananas seem to be the best. It’s easy to digest and provides a good amount of potassium. The latter is an an electrolyte that gets depleted during intense exercising. When you add coffee to the mix for more awareness you are more than ready to go.

You have to understand that supplements rely heavily on marketing. They treat their clients as brainless monkeys. They want to gain your trust and sell you all kinds of things. If you want something, they have it. The days when supplement companies are going to offer cancer treating products are close.

Don’t get caught in the net. Read, experiment and listen to your body. It knows what it wants. We just have to learn to read the signals. It’s a long trial and error process. In the meantime don’t fall for all the miraculous claims. If it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

The philosophy of the popular fitness gurus is that people deserve to be ripped off because:”they should know better.” Trainers like Mike Chang from six pack shortcuts are a living proof that “whore marketing” will get you to the top. Sad but true.

To summarize: a piece of fruit or a candy bar replace the need for occult pre-workout supplements and drinks.

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