Physiques Achieved Without Steroids Yes, believe it or not the title is correct.

For quite some time, readers of the site have been asking me to show physiques achievable naturally without steroids more frequently. While I’ve already posted some examples, I decided to add another brief summary article revealing builds that can be reached without drugs.

1. Jung Ji-Hoon a.k.a. Rain 

rain-Jung Ji-Hoon-abs-training

Note: For those wondering this is what 6-7% BF looks like on a natural.

Jung Ji-Hoon (born June 25, 1982), better known by his stage name Rain, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, actor, and music producer. He played the leading character in the 2009 movie Ninja Assassin.

Today, I tried watching the movie but couldn’t finish it. Sorry, but it was not that interesting, and I have attention deficit disorder. Anyway, Jung Ji-Hoon’s look can be achieved naturally. I don’t know how heavy he was in the movie, but his main website says he is 6’2″ and 176 lbs  which seems about right. Obviously, on the Internet there are many people who are 6’2″ @ 240 lbs shredded, but we all know how natural they are.

I would rather look like Rain and be called names than attempt to be a wannabe bodybuilder. Many unaware and delusional naturals just end up becoming permabulkers with some pathetic strength while saying in their heads that big muscles are just around the corner. Sorry, but they are not, and you are just fat.

2. Jason Statham

I while ago I made a dedicated post on Jason Statham. You can read it here. The look in the photo below can definitely be achieved naturally.

For those wondering he looks to be about 8-9% BF judging by that photo.


3. Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was about 5’7″ (171 cm) and 135 lbs (62 kg) according to most sources. He was also ripped to the bone. Similar stats are definitely achievable naturally, but maintaining that low body fat is not easy REGARDLESS of the type of foods you eat.

Note: I wrote a post on how you can reach similar look. You can read it here. Obviously, nothing is set in stones. It’s just an example. Always use your own judgment.


4. Jasper Benincasa 

Jasper Benincasa (March 25, 1921 – January 6, 2012) was a strength legend in the bodyweight community and will remain such for a very long time. His physique is definitely achievable naturally. You can read a super detailed article on him here.

image via:;

image via:;

5. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has caused quite a lot of controversy with his look from Fight Club. Some say he is super skinny, which is correct, but the truth is that many, and by many I mean MANY, of the people on bodybuilding forums would look worse and appear even skinner if they were to cut to such low body fat levels. {more}


In conclusion

I realize that those example are not exactly impressive because everywhere you go you see guys with 18 inches arms and six pack abs. However, my job is to present you REALISTIC goals for average people physique wise. I wish we could all look like Simeon Panda or Lazar Angelov naturally, but I don’t think it’s possible. With that said, I think many people would be happy once they have reached a lean look (you don’t have to be 7% BF) and some decent strength and skill levels. To me, this is one of the most important parts of training. All else is specialization and should be based on personal choices.

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