Is ‘Physique’ The Saving Grace Of Bodybuilding?

IFBB pros look grotesque and highly unattractive to the public. They have huge guts, mild cases of gynecomastia, get tired too quickly because of their big musculature and are just big babies who need constant care – meals, supplements and muscle ‘elixirs’. Who has time for that? Regular folks aspire to simply get those shredded six pack abs, build some arms, go to the club and behave like a celebrity or in other words act dumb.


Trenbolone – Physique competitors’ main muscle elixir

This is one of the reasons the physique division is attracting more and more people. The guys that compete seem to offer the best package of size and aesthetics. They have very well developed upper bodies and modest leg development. The goal is to simply look good for the beach or the club, or in other words places where you are likely to meet sexual partners of some sort. Isn’t it why we all started lifting weights in the first place?

It all seems almost perfect. You have a niche for freak worshipers who enjoy observing highly muscular men in deficit underwear and you also cover the demand for more easily achievable physiques. However, there is one big problem – the physique guys may be 50 – 70 lbs lighter than the regular IFBB pro, but most are still on serious anabolic cocktails.

The most used anabolic steroid among Physique competitors is Trenbolone Acetate which is a drug that creates a very special look that is yet to be matched by anything else. You can take all the testosterone in the world, but you will never have that dry Photoshop look presented by modern Physique competitors. They have quality mass – not just mass. Of course, all good things come with side effects and Trenbolone a.k.a. ‘tren’ does not make an exception. Besides shut down of natural testicular function it can cause insomnia, cramps, internal organ damage, premature aging and other cool stuff. You can flip it anyway you want but the so-called Physique division will have hard time reaching educated true natural bodybuilders because they know very well what’s going on. They know that even though the Physique competitors look like children compared to IFBB pros they are still light years ahead of what can be achieved naturally.

Zyzz - known for his aesthetic physique and usage of Trenbolone

Zyzz – known for his aesthetic physique and usage of Trenbolone

With that being said the Physique division will definitely continue to attract more and more people. Currently, it’s the era of the fitness models such as Lazar Angelov, Simeon Panda, Jeff Seid and many more. Will it save bodybuilding? Probably in the short term but the day when more people will start waking up will come and the community will have to come up something else – maybe finally return to true natural bodybuilding? Ah…that seems impossible. Whatever the case the prediction of is that fitness models will continue to reign supreme for at least for 5-10 years ahead. That’s why it’s save to say that for now the Physique division is sort of the saving grace of bodybuilding and lifting in general.

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