Before And After Photos Are Taken On The Same Day Most before and after photos are taken on the same day. Sorry. It's fake.

Every successful businessman knows that business is a scam. From the local supermarket to the big energy companies, there’s always illegal activities that occur so that the rich can keep on getting richer by taking away a little from as many people as possible.

The ironic part is that the majority of the crowd does not care and even idolizes the very same people that are the reason for the global enslavement. Those who dare to criticize are labeled as haters and losers.

The fitness industry is also built upon scams. From the fake supplements to the before and after photos – it’s a con. Most of the before and after photos that you see are heavily altered and 90% are even taken on the same day.

Make Me Look Like Shit, Please!



During the before photos the models usually look terrible and sad. It’s a known fact that the photographers are looking specifically for that effect.

The more depressed and sad you look during the before photo shoot, the better.

In the image on the right  you can see that the models are looking rather worried and lost. The hairstyle of the girl is nothing special, while the man is not shaved.

Also, the tights of the man and the breasts of the woman are hidden in clothing.


Now, let’s see what happens a few hours later.


a few hours later that day

As you can see in the next photo a lot can happen in a few hours:

– the lightning is better;
– the man is shaved and is sucking in his stomach;
– the man is trying to make a funny face and look more interested in life than before;
– both are covered in oil;
– the hairstyle of the woman is more seductive;
– the breasts of the woman are revealed;
– the upper legs of the man are revealed;
– the woman is smiling;
– the man’s chest and abs are shaved;
– the woman is only wearing underwear;

It shouldn’t take you a lot of time to realize that both images are taken on the very same day and there is absolutely no improvement of the actual body composition. The whole goal is, of course, to enhance the effect of the advertisement. The bigger the contrast, the more effective the ad.

We all know that effective ads equal more sales.

It goes without saying that this represents soulless marketing but to be quite fair there are two guilty sides – the stupid public that buys it and those who can’t seen anything else other than green.

The clip below is part of the popular documentary “Bigger, Faster, Stronger” which exposes the use of steroids is sports. As you can see – it’s all a scam and even those involved in it admit so in front of the camera with absolutely no shame whatsoever.

This was achieved in a day. Naturally with the use of razors and Photoshop - no steroids thought!

This was achieved in a day all naturally with the use of razors and Photoshop. No steroids!

The Need For Instant Gratification Has To Be Satisfied

Before and after photos taken on the same day reveal in details the human need for instant gratification. People rarely want to work for anything of value anymore. Instead humanoids are killing themselves for all kinds of stuff that doesn’t mean anything once you buy it.

We want to have everything but when you obtain something without having worked for it, you’re missing a life lesson which is often more important than the final result.

Toys break. Principles never die.

Just think for a second.

The fact that a certain individual advertises a product does not mean the he actually uses it. During the summer big chips and sugar drink companies such as Pepsi use the faces of popular athletes like Leo Messi.

One has to be quite naive to believe that Leo Messi is a heavy Pepsi drinker. After all, he and his crew of doctors must know that sugary drinks fuck you up and don’t offer much benefit to athletes or anybody for that matter. Yet, from the commercial one could get the idea that the key to happiness is drinking soda.

This also speaks volumes about the integrity of those so-called superstar. They make more in a week than most people will earn during their entire life and still they choose to be the face of unhealthy products to make even more money.

The whole point is to create an illusionary world in which the ordinary people like you and me can find hope that maybe life is not just work, pain and frustration.

In the end of the day the illusion bubble bursts. The fact that you’re holding a popular product in your lab is not enough to protect you from the fall into the emptiness of this kingdom called planet Earth.

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