Pham Woodbridge – 30lbs of “steroid” muscle

Who is he?

Phan Woodbridge a.k.a. “Pham Vu” is a fitness model and a bodybuilder. According to his BodySpace on he is 5’5″ (165 cm), 165lbs (75 kg) at 8% body fat.

Pham Woodbridge Natty Or Steroids


FAQ : Is Pham Woodbridge natural?

The factors to consider when deciding whether Phan Woodbridge is natural are:

1. He has too much muscle according to’s guide for natural bodybuilders:

Truth be told, Pham Woodbridge has 30lbs more mass than a natural bodybuilder would have at his height. A true natty bodybuilder who is 5’5” tall will weight about 135 lbs (61 kg) in contest condition. Lifters who are only 5’5” and yet weight 165 lbs at 8% body fat are as rare as diamonds on the street.

Note: Pham Woodbridge could be very well less than 8% body fat. This makes the issue even more obvious.

2. Pham Woodbridge has the Photoshop look.

Dry, shredded, striated, deep six pack abs

Pham Woodbridge looks composed in photo editing software. This alone make him a big suspect. Natural bodybuilders rarely show such fullness at similar condition.

As rare as a non-greedy Wall Street broker.

Just like the rest of the “aesthetic crew” Pham Woodbridge possesses a physique which regular people never get close to despite their efforts. Natural bodybuilders from all over the world obsess over guys like Lazar Angelov, Simeon Panda, CT Fletcher, The Hodge Twins…They follow their routines, watch the YouTube videos and hope to become what they see. Rarely that happens. People go from one routine to the next. Do stupid stuff like “arm” days but with little to no results. Supplements such as whey protein and creatine do not make the issue any better.

What is the secret?

When hard work fails to deliver the desired results, you’ve been cheated.

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