Peanuts – High Protein Stack For Bodybuilders

Professional bodybuilders spend thousands of dollars on food every month, or at least so they say. A recreational natural bodybuilder, however, does not have to go overboard. There are a lot of ‘cheap’ foods that can help you reach your protein requirements for the day. Peanuts may not seem tasty to the spoiled kids but they sure as hell get the job done.



There are two kinds of people as far as peanut go – those who eat them all the time and those who would rather eat chalk. Regardless of the group you fall in – peanuts have some undeniable qualities for bodybuilders – they are calorie dense food that comes with a lot of protein.

100 grams of peanuts contain about 567 kcal, 26 grams of protein and 16 grams of carbohydrates.

In most cases a pack of peanuts shouldn’t break the bank and makes for an excellent organic meal replacement, although it could also be considered a whole meal.

Avoid peanuts that come in a vacuum and with lots of salt. They are not the healthiest choice and can cause stomach pain which is actually one of the main reasons people stay away from peanuts.

You also need to keep your overall peanut consumption low in order to keep your stomach ‘pipes’ working as they should. More than 100-200 grams a day can be a problem, especially if the rest of your diet is ‘dry’. Peanuts are not exactly the easiest food in digest.

Another bonus of peanuts is that they don’t require cooking and you can take a pack with you whenever you go without fear that it will smell weird after a few hours – a common problem with eggs and other bodybuilding stacks.

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