Pavel “The Fortress” Rudometkin – Is He Natural?

Note: This post is written as a direct response to the e-mails of people who wanted to present what’s achievable naturally without steroids. The physique of Pavel Rudometkin is achievable naturally without steroids and may very well be the motivation some of you need.

Pavel Rudometkin - Is He Natural?

Pavel  Rudometkin a.k.a. The Fortress is a popular bodyweight training guru on YouTube. He stands firmly behind training with basic gymnastic drills such as push-ups, dips, muscle-ups and many variations of those movements. He has a large following on the Internet and many people admire his physique.

A commonly asked question is whether Pavel  Rudometkin is natural.

The answer is: it looks like he is.

1.Pavel Rudometkin weights 145lbs /66 kg at 5’8″ 173 cm.

As you can see The Fortress isn’t as huge as you may think. According to our guide outlined here a natural bodybuilder with good genetics for the sport will be around 156lbs / 71 kg at 5’8″ and 5% {contest ready} body fat. Pavel fits perfectly into that category since he is 145 lbs and has a little overpowering upper body due to the fact that bodyweight, while effective, is sometimes not enough to develop good legs. In other words if he was to gain a little mass in his legs and lose a little body fat to be 5%, he would be about 155 lbs.

2.Pavel Rudometkin does not look composed in Photoshop.

Unlike fitness models like Rob Riches, Lazar Angelov, Simeon Panda, Chris Lavado, Kali Muscle and many more to count Pavel does not look like he was composed in a digital photo editor such as Photoshop. He is lean but not super dry. His skin is not as thin as a regular fitness model would need to have in order to be competitive and defined.

3.Pavel Rudometkin’s mass disappears without a pump.

Another sign of a true natural bodybuilder is that he looks like a completely normal person with a shirt on and without a pump. While Pavel Rudometkin obviously looks like he lifts even without a pump, his muscular development will not make many people turn their heads on the street. After all unless you look like one of those fake natural bodybuilders you are labeled as the: “Do you even lift?” guy.

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