Is Pascal Haag Natural Or On Steroids? Can you have his physique without "pinning them glutes"?

Acquiring a ‘pussy magnet physique’ is the dream of many. If there was a loan called ‘Pussy Magnet Physique Money‘ the banksters would be even richer. Once you have been able to feel the effect of muscle in our society, you simply can never go back. It’s more addictive than heroine and to some point it’s actually healthy. That’s why people have always been showing great interest in those who have already acquired the ‘Perfect Pussy Magnet Physique’.

A good example of somebody who has already acquired this look would be the so-called ‘natural’ bodybuilder Pascal Haag. He is big, shredded and has quality mass that makes the panties and the jaws drop. Unfortunately, there’s always a catch and this time the question is: can you have those looks naturally by just working out, taking your protein powder at the right time and saying your prayers to the muscle Gods?

How big is Pascal Haag?

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According to the online information on Pascal Haag he has the following stats:

Weight: 99 kg off season {217 lbs} and 87 kg {191,4 lbs} contest ready;

We were unable to find accurate information regarding Pascal Haag’s height. However, in the photo above you can see that Pascal Haag is not much taller than Matt Ogus who is 5’5.5” tall. That’s why it’s safe to say that Pascal Haag should not be over 5’9″.

Conclusion: Pascal Haag seems to be about 29 lbs over what our guide for natural bodybuilders has predicted for males who are 5’9″ tall.

How is Pascal Haag doing compared to former bodybuilding champions who are known to be on steroids?


When we compare Pascal Haag to bodybuilders such as Frank Zane it becomes extremely obvious that something’s going on. How can Frank Zane compete in Mr. Olympia contests at 5’9″ @ 185 lbs and yet we are supposed to believe that people like Pascal Haag can be 5’9″ or so at 191 lbs, all naturally? Please, share your muscle elixirs with the rest. So far protein powder and creatine ain’t working for us.

Pascal Haag is a member of the aesthetic crew built out of fake natties


The pictures of Pascal Haag uploaded online reveal that he is a proud member of the aesthetic crew. We’ve already exposed many of those guys for the fake natties they are.

Question is, how can you be part of the fake natty train and still be natural?

Most likely you can’t.

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