Part 2: 7 More Signs That You Are A Delusional Bodybuilder

1. Thinking that people who don’t lift weights are not worthy of your attention.

Believe it or not there’s such a thing as weightlifting snobbery. People who lift weights constantly judge those who don’t, and even consider the ‘do you even lift guys’ somewhat inferior. After all, if you don’t have big muscles you aren’t worth much, are you?


Bodybuilders often need to learn that technically you don’t need to have big muscles or even exercise in order to be in peace with yourself and an overall accomplished human being. Of course, exercising your muscles is great and can only help you in your other missions in life, but in the end of the day what separates us from the rest the animal kingdom is our self-awareness and intellect. Don’t underestimate people who don’t lift weights. They have feelings and brains too.

2. Thinking that politics are not a large part of bodybuilding.

Have you ever wondered why bodybuilders who look terrible often place higher than they should? It’s called politics or in simpler terms: behind the scenes events often linked to making money are a determining factor when it comes to major bodybuilding contests. There have been many cases when the rules have been bent so that very specific guys end up on top. After all, when it’s you who makes up the rules why not turn them in your favor?

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3. Thinking that steroids users get the girls and the cash for free.

While steroids make it much easier to build muscle mass, the users still have to face huge issues such as: problems with the law, side effects, lifetime TRT, organ failure, self-denial, disapproval of others and many more. The usage of steroids also requires extensive knowledge and perseverance. In other words: you pay the price for what you do one way or another.

4. Believing that gaining weight equals gaining muscle mass.


There are many beginners who have experienced the side effects of bulking. When you eat tons of food you just get fat, especially if you are a natural bodybuilder. There have been quite a lot of evidence that diets such as GOMAD fail miserably and produce nothing more than skinny fat lifters with nice bellies. Well, rumor is they heard it from Mark Rippetoe.

Note: We still believe Rippetoe’s approach to teaching the basic lifts is quite good, but his dietary advice and unrealistic claims about the muscle mass you are going to gain on his program are ridiculous.

5. Believing that cardio kills gains.


Cardio does not kill gains. What kills gains is tons of  low intensity cardio. If your cardio volume is not beyond the point of no return, there will be no losses and you will only benefit from exercising your cardiovascular system. Not to mention the fact that high intensity cardio activities such as sprinting actually help you build muscle. What’s the point of having big muscles and being strong, if you go out of breath after a short sprint to catch the bus?

6. Believing that there is real money in bodybuilding competitions.


Most bodybuilders, even the best ones, don’t count on competitions to make their cash. When you compare the annual drug bill of a professional bodybuilder to what the actual prizes are, even for competitions such as Mr. Olympia, you will know that they can’t live with that little. It’s not uncommon for professional bodybuilders to be spending USD 20, 000 a month before a big contest. Food, anabolic steroids and especially growth hormone cost a lot. That’s why in order to make it, the big names such as Phil Heath, Ronnie Coleman…etc. start business ventures in the industry such as supplement and clothing companies. Most bodybuilders and famous fitness guys make more money from their personality so to speak than winning contests.

7. Believing that you will get more girls looking like a freaky bodybuilder.


Unfortunately, big muscles are not always the chick magnet they are supposed to be. Having a great physique is certainly a huge bonus, but beyond a certain point it starts working against you, and in the eyes of your sexual and love targets you become nothing more than a freak with Napoleon complex. Statistics say that on average people who look normal and have a lot of money have more success in that regard compared to the needy bodybuilders who are always broke from spending so much on growth hormone and stuff.

However, having a great body seems to help in most people’s attempts to score a one-night stand.

Everybody knows the story of Aziz Shavershian a.k.a. Zyzz who supposedly scored tons of ‘pussy’ thanks to his physique. Well, this only goes to show you that girls are more into the aesthetic looking physiques rather than the balloons.

Who do you think the girls want to be with: the 170 lbs guy with abs or Marcus Ruhl?


Part 3 coming someday but not so soon.

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