Is Overtraining Really A Myth? Is CT Fletcher right that overtraining is a myth and an excuse?

Overtraining is one of the topics with a lot of controversy in the world of muscle and iron. According to some it’s a real phenomenon while others such as the arm master CT Fletcher spread the idea that overtraining is a myth.

As you can hear and see in the video above CT Fletcher believes overtraining is nothing but an excuse to be lazy. According to his statements he was able to build his monstrous 20+ inches arms by doing curls everyday.

In order to understand what’s really going on, you need to think of similar videos as commercials.

Commercials have one goal in mind – to attack the subconscious and mislead you into doing something by taking advantage of your emotions. You might not really like the product that’s advertised to you, but the commercials make you fall in love with the presented emotional energy.

The most common example are the sexual messages seen in most commercial. Even if the presented product is absolute garbage, people would look at, if the commercial arises sexual emotions. It’s like a mouse trap. You come for something that smells like food but you either get trapped or poisoned.

The same holds true for the video of CT Fletcher. He has the charisma and the talent to sell you an idea and win you over on emotional level. People look at the video above and fall for it like it’s reality.

The music, CT Fletcher’s voice, the environment and before all the ego satisfaction seem appealing and you just want to get a barbell and curl, curl, curl till the end of time.

It’s just like a Hollywood movie – it hits you in the heart, even though you are supposed to know that it’s fake.


Researches have shown that after premiere of movies such as “Top Gun”, which is a war drama, military recruitments increase. Why? Because people fall for all kinds of propaganda.

The movies promise you one thing when the reality is completely different. It’s one of the most effective ways to mind control someone – make him believe that he really wants something, make him beg for it and use him for your own agenda.

The truth is, of course, that soldiers are used as animals to serve those at the top. War is one of the most profitable events for the elite and all soldiers are nothing but pawns. You have the right to protect yourself, but you don’t have the right to take away the freedom of other people just because somebody ordered you, and your brainwashed mind failed to see what’s really happening.

While this may seem unrelated to overtraining, the video of CT Fletcher has similar goal – to make you subscribe to some kind of magical ideology.

Well, we are sorry but overtraining is very real.

When the body does not have enough time to recover from previous workouts fatigue and damage accumulate and overtime there is a need for deload and rest periods. It’s true that there are people who don’t train intensely enough to actually overtrain, but training with a lot of intensity everyday is a sure way to fail.


It’s funny how CT Fletcher used an exercise such as the bicep curl to demonstrate his anti- overtraining position. He knows very well that more fools are going to be attracted because big biceps sell quite well.

How come he didn’t use an exercise such as the deadlift to prove that overtraining is a myth? Well, because deadlifting heavy everyday is truly impossible without CNS and overall mental breakdown.

The bicep curl is an easy exercise to recover from. You can effectively do biceps curls while watching Big Brother or something equally brain dead. That’s because the exercise does not take a lot from you.

Now, go and try following a TV show while deadlifting. If the session is hard enough, chances are the TV will only distract you from proper execution of the exercise.

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In conclusion

Overtraining is very real. It exists despite what people on steroids want you to believe. Of course, this should not serve as an excuse for easy workouts once in a blue moon, but there is a limit that should not be crossed in order to avoid actual regression and injuries. A little bit of overtraing will not kill you but it’s not needed to achieve progress.

There is no need to dramatize working out. The fact that you lift things and put them down does not make you a hero.

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