Is Ott Kiivikas A Natural Bodybuilder Or On Steroids?

Ott Kiivikas is bodybuilder from Estonia who has spectacular physical development and is widely known in Europe. Of course, like all the others, he claims that he is a life time natural bodybuilder.


Being able to achieve similar physique by simply eating and training ‘right’ would be great, bus is it possible?  Is  Ott Kiivikas a natural bodybuilder or is he relying on anabolic steroids to ‘construct’ his massive body?

Is Ott Kiivikas A Natural Bodybuilder?

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How big is Ott Kiivikas? Pretty damn big. According to the information we’ve received from people following Ott Kiivikas he is: 5’8″  – 174 cm @ 192-194 lbs (87 – 88 kg) in contest condition. This is about 38 lbs – 17 kg more than what our guide for natural bodybuilders suggest.

However, let’s put this guide away and just compare  Ott Kiivikas to former bodybuilding champions from the past. Ok?

Number 1 – Three Times Mr. Olympia Frank Zane

Frank Zane was 5’9″ – 175 cm @ 185 lbs – 85 kg @ 5% BF in his prime. He was able to win Mr. Olympia three times, but what’s more impressive about him was that for many years he competed with and against many of the former bodybuilding legends and will stay in history as one of the best.

Was Frank Zane natural? No! Just like the rest of the bodybuilders from the 70s or the so-called Golden Era of Bodybuilding he had access to anabolic steroids and without using them there was no way to compete against people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Mentzer, Bertil Fox and the rest of the incredible talents seen back then.

So,  Ott Kiivikas is 1 inch shorter than Frank Zane and at the same time 9 lbs heavier than him. That simple conclusion leads us to believe that the mass of  Ott Kiivikas has not been achieved through drug free training and eating.

How on Earth are all those natural bodybuilders able to reach legends from the past so easily?

Number -2 – Serge Nubret – Mr. Aestethics


Serge Nubret was a French bodybuilder known for his aesthetic looking physique and had one of the best upper bodies, especially chest, in the history of the sport.

Was he natural? He claimed that he is, but he wasn’t. There were many people who have reported his usage of anabolic steroids such as negma parabolan which is a powerful anabolic drug no longer produced in its original form.

This is not a surprise, since it’s obvious that the body of Serge Nubret is impossible to achieve naturally and maintain for decades as he did. On top of everything he looked phenomenal until his 70s. How do you do that by just training hard and eating ‘right’? Truth is, you don’t, at least not with so much mass.

So, how big was Serge? According to the majority of the information Serge Nubret competed against Arnold and company at about 200 lbs – 90 kg @ 6′ @ 5% BF. This means that Ott Kiivikas is 4 inches shorter than Serge Nubret and only about 6-10 lbs lighter than him in contest condition. For those of you who don’t know the general rule of thumb for bodybuilding is that the shorter you are, the less you weight. That’s why it’s expected that about 7 lbs of weight per inch are always due to height.

So, how is it possible for Ott Kiivikas to be only 6-10 lbs away from one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time? How can you get there naturally? We would like to know so that we can make an army of people built like Ott Kiivikas.

Number 3 -Lee Labrada


Lee Labrada is one of the those bodybuilders people call – giant killers. He is quite famous for his aesthetic physique and grace. In his prime Lee Labrada competed at 5’6″ – 168 cm @ 185 lbs – 192 lbs – 84 – 87 lbs @ 5% BF.

In comparison to Lee Labrada Ott Kiivikas is 2 inches taller and about the same weight give or take a few lbs. Even though Ott Kiivikas is 2 inches taller it’s safe to conclude that he has similar amount of mass compared to Lee Labrada in his prime. Was Lee Labrada natural? Hell no. He competed in many professional competitions such as Mr. Olympia and had to face mass monsters such as Dorian Yates as well as legendary aesthetic bodybuilders such as Shawn Ray. Can you fight against those guys naturally? No, you can’t, regardless of what your grandmother says.

Ott Kiivikas has insane conditioning. The conditioning that Ott Kiivikas presents is out of this world. He is very big and at the same time thick, shredded, dry full and ‘grainy’. All of those are uncharacteristic traits when it comes to true natural bodybuilders. Without a shadow of a doubt  Ott Kiivikas looks composed in digital editing program such as Photoshop and this is another revealing sign suggesting usage of performance enhancing drugs (PED) and anabolic steroids.

Like we’ve already said a 100 times – natural bodybuilder shrink tremendously when they are in contest condition – 5% BF. There is no other way around it because when the body is in similar state being depleted and fragile is the natural result. The body does not care about winning bodybuilding competitions, it cares about surviving the day.

To summarize: Regardless of your wishes and beliefs you can’t naturally build a physique similar to the one of  Ott Kiivikas without the usage of muscle elixirs. Even if you have one in 10 billion genetics you can’t have that ‘technological’ look because it’s just not natural. People are free to believe whatever they want, but the truth is the truth and naturally building similar word class physique is nothing more than wishful thinking.

Disclaimer: The goal of this article is not to hate on  Ott Kiivikas. He has accomplished a lot in the sport of bodybuilding, but that does not mean that the regular people like me and you don’t deserve to know how it really goes.

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