Is Omar Isuf Natural Or Another Steroid Junky?

Omar Isuf has one of the top YouTube fitness channels with over 200, 000 subscribers and counting. He is very strong and carries a decent physique. However, is Omar Isuf really natural or just another steroid junky? Let’s see.

How big is Omar Isuf?

According to Omar Isuf’s Facebook page and YouTube videos, he is about 5’9″ -175cm @ 182lbs – 82 kg. Those are some pretty decent stats. For instance, Frank Zane was 5’9″@185 lbs and won the biggest bodybuilding competition, Mr. Olympia, three times.

However, there’s a catch – Omar Isuf’s body fat is not 5%, and he is not water depleted. I didn’t find accurate information about Omar Isuf’s body fat, but judging by the pictures, it looks about 10-12%.

This means that at 5%BF he will weigh approximately 158lbs-167lbs. This particular number is really hard to determine because it’s always less than what the math says. That’s why I provide a range.

Conclusion: Omar Isuf’s weight at 5% body fat and after water depletion corresponds to the data presented in’s guide for natural bodybuilders, which puts a 5’9″ male at 163lbs. However, keep in mind that this number is for people with above average genetics. Very few individuals can get there.

Omar Isuf’s transformation was slow

Is Omar Isuf Natural Or Another Steroid Junky?

Omar Isuf’s transformation took over 3 years, which seems believable since true natural bodybuilders grow slowly, unlike steroid users who blow up fast in a matter of months.

For the Most Part (but not all) Omar Isuf Does Not Have the Photoshop look

Omar Isuf doesn’t possess the magical steroid look common for the majority of the fake natural bodybuilders. In many photos, he appears flat, watery and does not showcase an extreme sharpness and dryness. That’s a massive bonus in our book since Omar Isuf shares a trait of a true natural bodybuilder.


Some photos point in the other direction. The transformation below does not appear natural at first glance. The overall look in the after photo screams Photoshop and showcases a larger than life appearance suggesting the usage of performance-enhancing drugs (PED).


Lifetime natural? Not sure if serious….

Conclusion:  If you have good genetics for bodybuilding, you can achieve a physique similar to Omar Isuf’s naturally. Nonetheless, will never go as far as saying that Omar Isuf is 100% lifetime natural because in some photos his physique looks achievable naturally while in others it’s obvious that something’s going on. Photos like the one above are a little hard to accept as “natural”.

Furthermore, Omar Isuf’s strength has reached epic peaks. His three mains lifts (bench, squat and deadlift) are borderline elite level for his bodyweight. Therefore, I won’t be surprised if Omar Isuf is not a lifetime natural.

Probability of being natty – 2.4 out of 5.
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  1. Hamed

    Bro if Omar can be considered unnatural, then u may as well give up on training. Come on man. I’m a lifetime
    Natural and I’m
    Bigger than Omar

  2. Marod

    You should check out his weights rather than physique. The body Omar Isuf has is 100% achievable naturally. That’s without any doubts.

    That said, he benches almost twice his bodyweight, squats 2.7XBW and deadlifts 3.1XBW. Those are pretty big numbers. He’s also still making considerable gains after 6 years of weightlifting, which is already suspicious. Just two months ago he did an overhead press PR of 1.26BW – 226 LBs while being 178.

    I don’t know. Something ain’t right here.

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