Old Bodybuilders Are Big Because They Still Are Pumping Growth and Steroids In Their Systems

It’s always amusing to see the bought media promote Photoshop enhanced images of old bodybuilders who “look better than a 20-year-old”. Nice try, but try harder next time. You can’t fool me with photos of 60, 70, 80, 90 years old muscle grandpas who still look big, lean and mean.

I know how the trick works.

Obviously, I am not talking about the mainstream explanation, which is usually something stupid like “drinking my own urine keeps me young and strong. Ah…and I also deadlift”. Nice try, again.

The secret of those ancient lifters are alternative muscle elixirs known as testosterone and growth hormone. That’s the only way for those washed up heroes to keep their muscle mass and remain lean and big, while the rest of their old time friends are skinny fat veterans who would only look fine in a zombie movie.

The media and the idiots, who are too stupid to realize what’s going on, just love to discuss similar stories. I guess stuff like that makes people feel immortal and lifts them up when their birthday gets close. “I will be a beast, forever. #beastmodetilldeath

My favorite is when minions start sharing on their Facebook walls memes of old muscle superstars entitled: “The abs of a sixty year old beast.”, “Age is just a number.”, “Lift heavy forever.”, “Death is certain, having visible abs at 62 isn’t.

It’s all one big deception because the main engine of the forever ripped & big life does not hide in eating fruits and vegetables.

Without a doubt, lifting and eating healthy will make you look and feel much younger than your coevals whose main physical activities are looking for the TV remote, going to the store, reading the newspaper, even though it’s been saying the same thing for the last 30 years, and talking how back in the day you could buy a house with 10 dollars.

Having completely ripped abs, from top to bottom, coupled with huge 18 inch arms, back and chest is extremely hard regardless of age. Still, this is exactly what most of those old heroes want us to believe when buying their super-foods. Those guys continue to sell all kinds of diets, special training seminars, vodoo and other tricks, but they will rarely talk about the real backbone of their forever young appearance. They prefer to keep it to themselves while discussing nonsense like: “the proper angle for triceps pushdowns”, “growth hormone released after squats and deadlifts”, “high protein intake”, “anabolic window”, “desiccated liver tablets”, “the perfect watermelons for lifetime of shredded abs”, “glute activation during squats” and many other distracting topics.

The ironic part is that it takes very simple logic to realize what’s going on. It does not matter who you are – when you are old your testosterone levels go down. The most important thing for muscle growth is not how much you squat or deadlift, but how high your testosterone is. Evidence? No matter how much women lift, they never get bigger than men because they don’t have the necessary hormonal profile. Therefore, when those muscle mummies remain lean and still have 18 inch arms at 65, you can be certain something’s going on, because it’s physiologically impossible to remain as big and as lean when you are old. You can look good for your age, but there are limits after all.


I’ve seen guys like that in real life too. Usually, they are enormous 40-55+ men, who lift super low weights and just go for the pump. The quality of their musculature screams steroids. Most of the time those are wealthy individuals with high income who just invest in their external appearance, because they want to live forever and keep up with the youth. What sickens me is when naive young kids in the gym look at those guys as if they are the source of ultimate truths.



“So, what should I do to get big triceps like yours,” asked the naive young boy.

“I just use the rope instead of the bar for pushdowns and get a massive pump. That’s how I got my biceps so big,” replied the muscular senior citizen, who had pinned his glutes before leaving home.

“What about the bicep peak? What should I do?”

“I can tell you what I do – spider curls followed by concentration curls. Also, it’s really important to imagine that your biceps are as big as mountains. The power of visualization is highly underrated. I got this trick from Arnold and his friends. It works. Look at my guns, little guy! 19 inches with visible biceps heads! Before visualization and spider curls they were only 13 inches,” added the man.

The guy was a bankster loaded with tons of money. He was 55 years old and had a 26-year-old girlfriend with serious daddy issues. The muscles and the bank account of the guy were making his touch and bad breath easier to accept for her. Being a stupid slut was also helping.

“Nice arms man. I would kill to have a body like yours,” said the naive young boy who was a floor cleaner working for the same bank.

“One day you may, son. Just keep doing what I told you – rope triceps pushdowns, spider curls and visualization. Ah….I almost forgot – make sure to drink one of those every three hours,” said the muscular daddy and took a bottle of vanilla flavor protein dust. On the label was written: “New groundbreaking formula. Get as big as the pros naturally.”




Those guys are old. If they are juicing so hard, how are they still alive?”

Good question. Obviously, those grandpas are using relatively small dosages and have an army of doctors monitoring their health constantly. This prolongs their existence significantly. Also, many are retired bodybuilders and we all know those individuals have otherworldly organs that can endure similar abuse for a very long time.

What’s so bad about using drugs if they keep you young and strong?

There is a big difference between using and abusing. Many of the granddaddies who have become the symbol of “Old but BIG” don’t just do TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) for medical purposes. Their motto is: “Juice Till You Die”. Obviously, those drugs have been created for treatment of medical problems and not to satisfy your arm size preferences. Besides, those muscle elixirs are wrongfully presented as a small factor when they are the primary one. I would like this to be wrong, but it’s not. All muscle grandpas that are big and lean are at least on TRT. End of discussion.

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