Do You Need A Personal Trainer To Get Results?

Hiring a personal trainer is one of the many services the gyms today offer. The idea is pretty cool – a guy that’s going to tell you how to train in order to get results. In this day and age we have a guy for everything, don’t we? There are life coaches, sex coaches, tying your shoes coaches and what not. It makes sense to have a personal trainer too.

However, do you really need one to get results?

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If you are a super lucky person, you may end up finding a really good personal trainer who could save you a lot of trouble looking for all the information yourself, and stop you from going in the wrong direction. People claim to be busy these days and they don’t want to do the research themselves. That’s why hiring a personal trainer may seems like the logical way to do things. If the person you hire, is really well educated on the subject he/she may save you a lot of trouble. However, similar personal trainers are really hard to find, just like everything rare and valuable.


In general, personal trainers suck. They are only after your money and do just as much not to get fired. They believe in the mainstream nonsense training programs and are not allowed to push you because of fear that you may get injured and lose you as a client. Truth be told, most of the personal trainers do nothing more than select a bunch of exercises for you and count your reps. The majority of the mainstream personal trainers cannot even teach you how to squat, bench and deadlift properly because they can’t do that themselves or don’t have enough experience teaching others.

Unless you really have someone in mind as a personal trainer, someone who know his job, it makes no sense to fall in the trap and be milked for money by someone counting your reps. If you are new to training, you can start by doing your own research. In the long term it’s going to pay much more because instead of receiving information from some guy, you’re going to have the freedom to examine various sources.

Another major downside attributed to personal trainers is that they’re expensive. There are personal trainers who make millions just because they tell some Satanic Hollywood puppet to live that butt up. What’s up with that?

But can I learn everything by myself?

In this day and age you could, honey. There’s plenty of information as well as educational videos on YouTube how to do things. When you couple that with your personal experience and learn from your mistake, you will know more than the local personal trainers in 6 months time. Training is not that complicated. Your main priorities should be to learn the basic exercises and how to prevent muscle imbalances and injuries. After that, all else is secondary.

What about learning how to squat and deadlift? It seems complicated.

If you have someone experienced to show you how to do those two, it would be nice. However, most personal trainers don’t know how to teach the squat and the dead correctly. They avoid doing them, especially with clients and with heavy weights. PTs prefer to have you using machines while they’re hunting for booty in the gym.

The squat and the deadlift are not that complicated to learn, but they will take some time. Luckily, the is plenty of information and videos explaining how to do those exercises in detail. You can learn to squat and bench by yourself without a doubt.

A approach is to first educate yourself on how to do the exercises and then record yourself and post your form video for evaluation on an online training forum such as Depending on your situation this could be more helpful than hiring a personal trainer.

In conclusion

The idea of hiring a personal trainer is good for the first few months, if you are a noob but good PTs are hard to find. Those who have proven themselves either don’t live in your region or are super expensive.

Thanks to the Internet you can get all the information you need for free and self-educate yourself. However, be aware that the Internet is also a place where a lot of scams happen. In order to avoid such scams don’t buy books from suspicious places. There are many sites that offer all sorts of e-books and what not. Stay away from them and use the free material. Your golden rule of thumb should be: if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t that good.

Who knows, maybe later on you will become one of the better personal trainers?

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