The Myth About The Jacked Prisoners

For some reason people believe that going to prison can turn anybody into a muscle man. There are plenty of Hollywood movies showing jacked up prisoners train in the yard. If you pay a little attention, you will see that in most of the movies prisoners are quite big and have impressive physiques that will make many gym rats spin their heads on the street.

Does this prison muscle make any sense and how are those guys getting is such great shape while serving a sentence?

The Myth About The Jacked Prisoners

Kali Muscle got so big not because he was in prison, but because he had access to steroids and all kinds other drugs…

1.Steroids are available in prison

One can get access to almost anything while being in prison. It just depends who are your friends.

If the right people get paid enough, they will deliver the product. Besides we all know that there are more crooked people walking free than there are guilty prisoners.

The guards also have to make a living and a being seduced by a large commission for delivering steroids to the paying customers in prison seems like a real case scenario.

2.Prisoners have time to kill

Without a doubt one of the best ways to slow down time is to do nothing at all. Try this for a change: turn off the lights and sit in a dark rook while doing nothing. A few minutes will feel like eternity and you will lose complete sense of time as you know it. At some point the same feeling occurs in prison and one of the best way to calm down yourself is to train. There are not many useful things you can do with your ‘free time’ when you are in prison. Reading and training seem to be your best bet.

3.Survival of the fittest

Regardless of what you see in the movies being in prison is not a joke. Rapes, fights and murders do happen more often than not. In poor countries the prisons and jails make Hell look like Heaven. Most prisoners are sick of all kinds of diseases and are willing to transmit them to any newcomer. Also, the myth about the soap on the floor is not much of a myth. It’s real, except that in some prisons there’s not even a soap.

If you are put in a similar position, you can imagine that being one of the big guys is important. While having big muscles is not a guarantee that you can actually fight, having an intimidating physique will keep many people away from you. This is when training and benching heavy really help.

With that being said most prisoners are far from jacked. In fact, most aren’t and the prisoners in general look like…well…prisoners. What did you expect? The food is miserable unless you have money and connections and most of the time the meals are nothing more than what the ‘cooks’ have found on the floor.

It does not matter who you are – if you eat garbage food, you will look like garbage. Don’t trust the fake natural bodybuilders such as Kali Muscle who claim that you can turn into a professional bodybuilder in prison. It’s never going to happen unless you have access to all the goods an IFBB pro needs and without a doubt that’s not the case in most freedom depriving facilities.

The myth about the jacked prisoners started from Hollywood. Of course, there are some big guys serving time but they are a small percentage and can only be found in prisons located in rich countries that can afford to have human conditions in similar facilities. There is nothing magical about prisons that you can not found outside.

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