Muscle Soreness – A Sign Of Effective Workout?

Two maniacal bodybuilders are now talking after a three hour marathon super high volume arm workout:

– Hi, Bob! I feel soreness everywhere all over my body. It’s killing me, brah!

– Me too brah…those supersets for lower, mid and high biceps T-Nation style will be remembered forever….Maybe hit da clubs  Zyzz style later?

– Sure…I will get a really good pump before..

-Word…brah…bitches ‘mire them big arms…they’ll be touching…

What causes muscle soreness?

In simple terms muscle soreness is caused by micro tears of the muscle after a physical activity to which the body has not adapted. It’s like trying something new you aren’t used to and getting hit left and right due to the lack of experience.

muscle-sorenessIs muscle soreness a sign of a good workout?

You can experience muscle soreness regardless of how much your workout sucks. The main requirement for you to get sore is to be unadapted to the stress your body is subject to. That’s achievable through various different ways and you can get sore by doing things completely irrelevant to working out such as masturbating. That’s why muscle soreness cannot be seen as a sign of a good workout. It’s just a sign you’ve done something new or that you’ve increased your workload.

Infrequent training causes soreness too

If you train a muscle group only once a week, you are going to be sore every time. On the other hand if you train a muscle group more often, soreness will not be an issue. That’s because infrequent training puts you in a state of deadaptation.

In other words, your organism has recovered from the previous workout and the extra days are essentially time when the body gets closer to its previous weaker state. Many bodybuilders who follow logic deprived bodybuilding routines actually are ignorant of this matter, and think they are accomplishing something because every time they train extreme muscle soreness occurs. This is not the case at all.

Muscle soreness as an indication of hitting the right muscle

Experiencing muscle soreness in a specific muscle group is a sign that the right/wrong muscle has been targeted during the exercise. However, it could also be a sign that that particular muscle group is just weaker that the other movers. Whatever the case may be, muscle soreness in an a specific muscle is a result of work done in that area.

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