Mr. Olympia Has Become a Best Gut Competition

Mr. Olympia is supposedly the event that decides who is the best bodybuilder in the world. By the looks of it having a huge gut and looking pregnant seems to be one of the requirements to compete in the biggest bodybuilding show. Even the winner, Phil Heat, who is now 4 times Mr. Olympia is already showing degradation of his mid-section and a nicely shaped large gut.

In the image below you can see Phil Heath’s gut at Mr. Olympia 2010. The alien that’s about to pop out looks scary to say the least.

Phil 'The Gut' Heath

Phil ‘The Gut’ Heath

One would thing that when bodybuilders talk about making improvements they are also taking in to consideration ‘gut control‘. Well, Mr. Olympia 2014 does not reveal anything even remotely close to improvement as far as mid-sections go.

The image below is from Mr. Olympia 2014 and you can clearly see that Phil Heath has a massive GH (growth hormone) gut.


With that said Phil Heath is not the only one with a huge gut. They all have it. 90% of the Olympia competitors look like they are about to give birth to something scary. Their mid-sections are about 10 inches in front of their chests and nobody seems to care.

That only goes to show you that the abuse of muscle drugs leads to self-destruction and at one point starts working against you and your looks. It’s not normal for anybody to be 5% water depleted and to have such a large mid-section on stage.

Back in the day having a small mid-section was considered a very strong point. The small waist helps you improve your V-taper which in return makes you appear larger and wider. It’s also more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and before all, more natural.

In the images below you can see Frank Zane doing the vacuum pose. Olympians today cannot come even close and the huge guts is one of the reasons doing the vacuum pose or a variation of it seems quite unpopular. The gut just has no place to go.


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While the talks on the subject have been going on for over 2 decades, nobody seems to be willing to do anything about it. Since Dorian Yates’ era the guts of the Mr. Olympia contestants have been growing at a fast rate and the tendency reveals that the gut growth it’s not going to stop anytime soon. One of the last winning bodybuilders with a small mid-section was Lee Haney who retired at the time when Dorian Yates was about to set the new gut standards.

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Lee Haney was one of the last Mr. Olympia competitors with a small waist. The only one from the modern pros that comes close is Dexter Jackson.

When you think about it this problem is not that important in the grand scheme of things. The world has more serious issues to worry about. The fact that some men in thongs are growing nice guts seems quite insignificant in the end of day. The principle, however, is important and reveals that people are always willing to go against themselves in the quest for the superficial and cheap fake glory. This self destruction principle could be summarized quite well in the following quotes.

People lose their health to make money…and then lose their money to restore their health.’

…or through bodybuilding glasses…

Bodybuilders build their muscles to look good and be healthy…and then build even more muscles to look like shit and lose their health.

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