Mr. Olympia 2015: Was Phil Heath’s Victory Deserved?

At the end of July I predicted in this post that Mr. Phil Heath is going to win Mr. Olympia 2015. It happened today. Question is, was his victory deserved? Is he truly the best thong warrior in the world?

Same competitors (almost), same judges, same weaknesses, same strengths, same politics….SAME results.


The answer this time is actually: ”Yes. Phil Heath’s victory was somewhat deserved this year.” While I am not one of those people who like spending a lot of time analyzing which bodybuilder has the most ”dialed in glutes”, the truth is that this year the line-up of roided freaks was rather weak. The same old dogs (Wolf, Rhoden, Dexter, Heath…etc.) showed and as expected they looked pretty much the same as last year. Of course, people will continue to argue and say that Mr. X has gained 5 lbs while Mr. Z has better ”shreds”, but for the most part they were still the same, and if anything Phil Heath seemed to be less pregnant than last year.

Another important element was the controversial absence of Kai Greene about which I have talked in this post. This reduced the rivalry for the number 1 spot even further and definitely solidified the win of Heath.

Let’s look at Phil Heath’s rivals this year:

Dennis Wolf – while the Wolf destroys Mr. LookAtMySneakers with his width and frame, he has obvious weaknesses that Phil doesn’t – weak lower back, no calves, high lats. I can see why people like him so much, but he is just too incomplete compared to Phil Heath, at least this year.

Dexter Jackson – he looked good, but too small to win over Heath. Complete bodybuilder. No obvious weak body parts. Just smaller. Didn’t look better than Heath by any means.

Shawn Rhoden – classic flawless physique, but it seemed that Phil Heath was better in many poses. (you are free to disagree).

This guy could have easily won the Olympia last year. People would have been happy. However, he definitely didn’t kill Heath this year. If anything he demolishes Wolf because they have similar physiques, but this guy has much less flaws. Thus, I agree that he should be placed ahead of Wolf.

Big Ramy – looked big, but lacked the definition he had last year when he destroyed Phil Heath in many poses as you can see here.

Branch Warren – Softly said, the guy looks like an old truck with blown up engine. Doesn’t deserve to be in the top 15.

At the end of the day, nobody was clearly better than Heath. Consequently, he won the show because we all know that the reigning champion has an advantage over the rest of the competitors. But what can we really expect when the judges and the competitors are the same every year? When the the variables don’t change, the results will be the same forever.

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