Most ”Natural” Bodybuilders and Fitness Models On YouTube Are Not Natural

At the risk of breaking the fragile souls of muscle fanboys who spend a lot of time following YouTube celebrities, I will say the following: the popular online fitness channels managed by true natural lifters are probably less than 5 (five). Meanwhile the rest of the sector has become a cartel controlled by fake natties and their friends. Just like a real monopoly based organization, the muscle version is regulating the tendencies in the sector according to politically correct nonsense such as: “the key to ultimate mass are high rep squats”, “naturals can get as big as Ronnie Coleman, if they put in the work”, “those who criticize are just haters”, “bodybuilders didn’t take steroids until the 70s” and many more.

As a result people form their beliefs on false information. The new guys who join the community are actually not helping either. Every day another fitness youtuber morphs and begins to repeat the same old material, which just makes the current trends even stronger.

I made a small research of YouTube’s muscle scene, and the first thing I noticed immediately was how interconnected all fitness channels are. On the outside this segment looks like one big circle of good people trying to help others in their quest to build muscle mass, but a guy like me doesn’t see the Sun the way the mainstream ideology wants us to see it. I don’t think that alleged naturals, should be making countless collaborations with internationally known unnaturals, because people begin to get the wrong impression. Everything turns into a mixture of truth and lies (mostly lies) which the online muscle cartel uses to control the sector while people who tell the truth (haters) are not allowed to talk, or at the very least their message suffers from permanent low volume.



Think for a second: there are “natural” guys smiling in videos while hugging obvious fake naturals. What’s stopping those guys from pinning each other’s glutes behind the scenes with the finest pharma made synthetic hormones if their love is so strong?

By the way, the fact that a guy is small does not mean he is also a natural. There are lower leagues occupied by people who take less stuff and/or have really poor response to anabolic drugs. That does not make them clean, just smaller.

One could argue that the only reason modern natural bodybuilders exist is to show the world the difference between low doses and high doses. Modern natural bodybuilding should change its name to low doses bodybuilding. It’s more accurate.

The bar has been set too high by fake natties.”

There are so many muscle channels owned by fake natties that people have developed unrealistic expectations what can be achieved in the real world without drugs. Individuals who are truly natural don’t have an impact because the audience has been hypnotized by the trenbolone brahs and the test twins who are larger and leaner than life. The brainwashing has been successful since the fans are constantly repeating the catch phrases of their idols. Examples: “do you even lift, brah”, “all kinds of gains”, “mushroom tip” and many more. A true natural will not make it far today because his videos will be buried deep down underneath millions of other clips.

The fans don’t want to see natural guys anyway because they remind them of real life, and we all know there is nothing worse than being real. We all want the fairy tale, the drug. It just happens that that fake natties can provide it. Do you think a guy like Zyzz would have had as many followers if he was 100% natural brah? I don’t thinkz so. People want to live the tren life, not the water, rice and pull-ups version.

Let’s not forget how many of the popular channels were started. I remember when CT Fletcher launched his “there is no overtaining” nonsense campaign. His videos were promoted by virtually all fitness channels and muscle sites as if the presented methods were curing weakness globally. It turns out people really love listening to a “natural” bodybuilder screaming about fucking mothers from all over the world during marathon biceps curl sets.

“It’s still your motherfucking set.” Give me a break and eat a sandwhich. You can’t deceive me with an HD video and rap vocabulary anymore. I am no 17.

By the way, where is the integrity in similar attitude? Why are naturals constantly interviewing professional powerlifters and bodybuilders on steroids? I am not saying you can’t learn from steroid users – you can, but many people who don’t know better are just deceived and lured into believing that by buying a preworkout miracles will happen. Why aren’t video makers putting a disclaimer saying that the guys in the clips may not be 100% natural? Because we all want to be politically correct and loved by everyone. You also have to remember that at the end of the day it’s all about the video views, and like I’ve said already – natties don’t produce as much attention.

You can think of naturals as less sexually attractive TV hosts while the fake natties represent the push-up bras on which the whole mainstream media has been built. If you have two people in the room presenting the same idea, the more attractive version will get more attention from the audience. I can even go further and say that the hotter person has a lot more room for error during the presentation.

FAQ: So, what are we supposed to do? Are fake natties the ultimate terrorists?

Many of you probably think that I don’t sleep and constantly write in my notebook what I hate the most about life. It’s partially true, but don’t worry – my life is not all hate.

I don’t think fake naturals are the worst creatures on earth. Those people and their tactics have actually thought me a lot about life, because the same schemes apply to all other areas as well.

When I was a newly produced robot straight out of high school, I used to believe most of the mainstream nonsense you can find in a glossy magazine. Little by little that changed and fake natties had a large role in it. Fighting them was a lesson that I consider extremely useful. I am much less prone to manipulation and brainwashing now. However, I think the articles exposing the truth save others a lot of time and frustration.

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