Modern Bodybuilders Are Big But Not Aesthetic

Modern bodybuilders maybe be big but they are not aesthetic. They have about 50 lbs (22 kg) of muscle on top of the previous generation but look soft, bloated and have growth hormone guts that resembles a pregnant pig.

According to insiders many of this is due to the abuse of insulin which was popularized by former IFBB pro Milos Sarcev. Prior to the insulin era bodybuilders were 50 lbs smaller and looked much tighter and healthier.

Of course, the use of insulin is just part of the problem and another factor to consider would be the increase of the doses by modern bodybuilders. They take more drugs than the previous generation and on top of everything the quality of the products is also worse.


During the time of Mike Mentzer and Frank Zane steroids were legal and it was easy to obtain quality products. Today bodybuilders buy steroid online and usually it’s fake and poorly made. It’s not uncommon to buy one of steroid just to realize that it’s actually something else.

All the drug use has killed the interest in modern bodybuilding. Even the current Mr. Olympia Phil Heath does not look impressive at all. His muscles look soft, inflated and during the off season his aesthetics completely disappear.

The reason for the continuation of this phenomenon is that the bodybuilding mafia and the judges want to keep people interested in the sport by constantly throwing at them mass monsters. It’s gone so far that many people have already been conditioned to believe that only people as big as Phil Heath and Ronnie Coleman are on steroids.

This is not the case and virtually every muscle man you are likely to see in a magazine is on some kind of drug regimen.

The workout routines and the nutritional protocols presented in muscle magazines should be avoided for the exact same reason. The articles are usually written by ghost writers and the face of a steroid loaded, semi-pregnant bodybuilder is used as as smokescreen.

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