NattyOrNot.com is an Internet website providing its readers with underground knowledge related to the bodybuilding and fitness world. Here you will find information which the mainstream industry does not want you to know in order to get your money through scams, shady merchandise, overpaid “certified” personal fitness trainers and much more.

Note: “Natty or not?” is a slang for “Natural bodybuilder or not?”.

The mission: the goal of NattyOrNot.com is to educate fitness enthusiasts about how the industry operates and why you’ve been purposely fed with wrong and misleading answers since day one;

It’s time to end bodybuilding disinformation.


Nothing in this world works the way the corrupt rich people present it to us. To make big money, you have to steal from “small people”. If a person is well informed regarding a certain subject, in this case building muscle and losing fat, he/she will be able to protect his/hers personal space, time and possessions. This is a universal personal right!

“It’s harder to cheat a man who knows how the trick works.”

Everybody has the right to know the truth when personal time, money, efforts and sacrifice are being invested into a project. When you buy a computer, you know what it’s capable of and you can see how it performs right before your eyes. What you see is what you get. When it comes to fitness and muscle this is not always the case, due to the specific character of the sector, and often the customers are negatively affected by products and services backed solely by placebo results and misleading claims. It’s time to stop that and help those who don’t know see the truth, which while simple is not always obvious, especially if you lack the needed experience.


NattyOrNot.com will present you information about different professional elite level athletes, including fitness models and bodybuilders, and compare them (the athletes) to officially known users/abusers of banned PEDs (performance enhancing drugs). The readers will be the ones to decide whether the individual in question is “natural” or not.